Will a DXRacer Gaming Chair Make Your Gaming Complete?


The recent increase in the demand of gaming chairs has left many people wondering, “What’s so special about these DXRacer chairs? What’s the hype?” We’ll tell you what the hype is all about right here, right now. Whether at a world-famous gaming event, on stage, or at home, underneath every gaming lover is a feature-rich gaming chair to go with that super gaming desk.

With so many brands attracting customers with their promises and guarantees, you might wonder what makes a DXRacer gaming chair different from the lot. You’ll find out in this DXRacer chair review. We’ve shortlisted some of the best and highest rated DXRacer chairs to help you determine the best option before making a purchase.

5 Awesome DXRacer Gaming Chairs

1. DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RW106/NW Newedge Edition


We start our list with this exclusive DXRacer gaming chair with an incredible rating. Why such a high rating? The reason is simple: its amazing features. Its ergonomic design is chosen to give you more comfort during those long gaming sessions. The patent DXRacer chair is made of breathable material. It also has a PU cover and durable mesh. It comes complete with lumbar cushion and headrest cushion.

With an extra high backrest, you don’t have to worry about spine and neck problems. The flexible seat allows you to adjust according to your needs. The chair gives you complete stability with a metal base and cylindrical steel frame. 3D straight arms with adjustment features keep your wrists and shoulder absolutely protected. This gaming chair is exclusively designed for larger-frame gamers.

2. DXRacer King Series DOH/KB06/N Newedge Edition


The DXRacer King Gaming Chair secures the second place on the list. Its extra wide and large design make it a comfortable DX racing chair. This intelligently designed chair has adjustable armrests that are extra padded to give you additional comfort. Despite being the widest DXRacer gaming chair, it features a sleek, smooth ergonomic design. All accessories used to design and manufacture this chair pass strict quality assessments.

The perfectly designed handle allows you to make adjustments and get the desired height. The aluminum base of the chair is provided with footrests to ensure your comfort. It also has a straight and high backrest to give you exactly the head support you need. Additional features include neck/head pillow, adjustable lumbar pillow, and adjustable armrests.

3. DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FHOO/NO Newedge Edition


The DXRacer Formula Series makes it next on our list. If you’re looking for affordable luxury with advanced features, this is the option to consider. The DXRacer F Series features cold cure foam filling.

This high-density padding ensures your comfort during extended use. A metal star base and steel frame make it a highly solid choice.

An exclusive angle adjuster allows you to lower the seat a few degrees to take a quick nap during long gaming sessions at night. The chair is made of carbon look vinyl. Double caster wheels allow the chair to be easily rolled aside.

4. DXRacer Wide Series DOH/WZ/NR Newedge Edition


The DXRacer Wide Series is the next addition to our list. This chair combines a sporty appearance with great comfort. With extra cushioning, it is deeper and wider than others in its class.

It has a lumbar cushion and a quality head pillow. Its full-size frame makes it a highly stable option. The 3D straight arms have a comfy pad cover, and the backrest can be adjusted to your desired position.

Adjustable seat flexibility and a tilt mechanism enable you to enjoy a relaxed position while playing your favorite video game. An extra high backrest keeps all neck and spinal problems at bay.

5. DXRacer Drifting Series DOH/DF73/NW Newedge Edition


The last but equally important gaming chair on our list belongs to the DXRacer Drifting Series.

With extra foam padding on the seat as well as the backrest, this chair offers superior comfort.

It also features a high back and deep seat. The seat can be lowered a few degrees until you find a comfortable position.

Adjustable armrests keep you protected from wrist and shoulder fatigue. A star-shaped iron base keeps the chair stable yet easily movable.


To sum it up, I'll say that video games are best played when you are comfortable and have the right posture. The way to make that possible is purchasing a well-designed, perfectly-built DXRacer gaming chair.

So make the right choice and win the game you’re passionate about.

(Last Updated On: October 3, 2016)

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