Top 50 Beer Blogs to Follow in 2017

Top 50 Beer Blogs To Follow In 2017
Top 50 Beer Blogs 2017


I know, I know. Just the mention of that word makes you feel all good and bubbly inside, doesn’t it? Nothing like throwing back a cold brew while you're playing video games, watching your favorite movie, or just hanging out with your friends.

If you love drinking beer and you also like other people who love drinking beer, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up the top 50 beer and brewing blogs for you to follow in 2017.

There are tons of beer blogs out there, but you'll find that most of them have been abandoned. Not these! We only selected blogs that are updated to keep you on top of what's going on in the World of Brew.​

We’re asking the contributors for each blog this question: What does beer mean to you? As we get the answers, we’ll be updating this page, so stay tuned. In the meantime, drink up!

BTW, these are listed in alphabetical order, not in order from best to worst! Because they're all awesome!

1. Ale is Good

Ale Is Good

Beer enthusiast Yvan Seth grew up with strong roots in the culinary background and a love for a great brew. Join in on his adventures in British beer.

2. Appellation Beer

Appellation Beer

Great beer depends on how it's brewed. But does great beer also depend on where it's brewed? Find out with Brew Like a Monk author Stan Hieronymus.

3. Beer Compurgation

Beer Compurgation

Mark Johnson loves drinking great beer and writing about great beer. His blog is a natural culmination of his two passions.

4. Beer Et Seq.

Beer Et Seq

Toronto-based "amateur de biere" Gary writes about the social, scientific, economic, cultural, and historical impact of mankind's favorite brew.

5. Beer Guy PDX

Beer Guy PDX

From Portland, Oregon, "the best damn beer city in these United States," comes Wolf Linderman's funny, insightful and candid adventures in craft beer.

6. The Beer Nut

The Beer Nut

The Beer Nut chronicles his adventures and misadventures in hunting down the best brews in one of the booziest places on the planet: Dublin, and beyond!

7. Beer O'Clock Show

Beer O'Clock Show

“Let’s crack open a beer & share some thoughts!” The UK's leading beer podcasts - Hopinions, Irish Beer Report & Flavour of the Month.

What does beer mean to you?

To me, beer is about more than what's in your glass. It's about the friends and the experience of enjoying a great beer with great people. ~Beer O'Clock Show​

8. Beer Street Journal

Beer Street Journal

A great, professional looking site that serves as the discerning beer lover's one-stop point for news about upcoming craft brews, events, and other topics.

9. Beer Today

Beer Today

International beer lovers unite! Find out the latest word in the UK and American craft beers, pubs and bar news, and upcoming celebrations.

10. Beer. Birra. Bier.

Beer Birra Bier

Not sure what beers make the year's 'must drinks'? Take it from a BJCP and NGWBJ qualified judge, food lover, cook, and award-winning homebrewer.

11. The BeerCast

The BeerCast

Why podcast when you can beercast? Tune in for insightful editorials, hear the experts weigh in on the Beer of the Week, and more on 'Edinburgh's beer website.'

12. The Beeroness

The Beeroness

Jackie 'the Beeroness' Dodd, seen on The Today Show and CBS News, creates delicious, impeccable recipes that celebrate her love of beer infused flavors.

13. Beersmith Home Brewing Blog


The makers of the indispensable BeerSmith App discuss brewing techniques, best brewing equipment, and more.

14. Beervana


Join Jeff Alworth, author of the fascinating book 'The Beer Bible,' on his fascinating adventures drinking his way along American Northwest, and beyond.

15. Belgian Smaak

Belgian Smaak

Written by an award-winning food writer and a professional chocolatier, this stunning blog is a celebration of the two best things in life: chocolate and beer.

16. Blog About Beer

Blog About Beer

Two simple questions: do you love craft beer, and are you interested in learning more about it? If you answered 'yes,' this is the blog for you!

17. Boak and Bailey's Beer Blog

Boak And Bailey Beer Blog

Two self-proclaimed geeks plus one great city for beer in the UK equals one amazing, award-winning blog filled with beer reviews and hilarious articles.

18. Brew Dudes

Brew Dudes

The homebrewer's go to blog for info, helpful tips, fun tasting reviews, and insights from the food and drink community.

19. Brew Geekery

Brew Geekery

Geeks plus beer equals fun times. For lovers of insightful beer news and snarky brew geeks, Brew Geekery's one London beer blog you won't want to miss.

20. The Brew Lounge

The Brew Lounge

Join Pennsylvanian brewventurer Bryan J. Kolesar on his world adventures in search of the best beer on the planet.

21. The Brew Site

The Brew Site

Looking for news, reviews, and all the latest resources for homebrewing and information on breweries in the Pacific Northwest?

You've come to the right place!

22. Brewers Association

Brewers Association

The flagship news blog put together by an organization built for brewers, by brewers.

Filled with useful info and news about the beer trade across the globe.

23. Brewing East

Brewing East

What sort of brews can you find in East London? All of them. Celebrate the world's beers and lagers in this blog centered on the hoppin' East London brew scene.

24. Brewpublic

Brewpublic's here to bring a wealth of information about the finest craft brews to come out of Oregon, Cascadia, and beyond.

25. Brookston Beer Bulletin

Brookston Beer Bulletin

Jay Brooks, a prolific beer writer, brings us a blog filled with insightful editorials and historical information about everyone's favorite brew.

26. Chris Hall Beer

Chris Hall Beer

From reviews of books, breweries, festivals, and food, beer writer, and beer judge Chris Hall brings us a blog jam-packed with insights about the industry.

27. Don't Drink Beer

Don't Drink Beer

Irreverent, and possibly written under the influence, Don't Drink Beer mixes acrimony and "for srs beer newz" into one heady, oddly intoxicating blog.

28. The Fatal Glass of Beer

The Fatal Glass Of Beer

With his smooth as silk narrative, witty insights and obvious love for the brew, UK resident Joe T. is one cool character you'll want to keep up with.

29. Focus on the Beer

Focus On The Beer

Devoted to craft beer in Colorado, Focus on the Beer has long since grown into a celebration of craft beer beyond borders.

30. Fuggled


Active since 2008, Fuggled has been bringing us Velky's mouth-watering insights and reviews on beers and pubs across England and beyond.

31. The Full Pint

The Full Pint

The Full Pint has made it their mission to bring beer news, reviews, and coverage of events dealing with the most unique brews on the planet.

32. Good Beer Hunting

Good Beer Hunting

Partnered with the leading breweries and written by serious industry veterans, GBH is all about helping breweries large and small connect with their audiences.

33. The Half Pint Gentleman

The Half Pint Gentleman

Follow beer blogger Matt Chinnery on his adventures crawling pubs, visiting breweries and of course, tasting beers throughout Belgium and the world.

34. HardKnott Dave

HardKnott Dave

More than just a blog about beer tasting and pub crawling, Hardknott Dave provides real insights from an insider and advocate for independent British brewing.

35. The Hop Review

The Hop Review

A couple of mediocre homebrewers decided they did better at beer writing and now get the word out about the best brews around Chicago and the Midwest.

What does beer mean to you?

I think to me, beer means good company and good conversation. Nothing beats getting together over great beers and expanding your palate, with great people. It's all about the social aspect. ~Jack


What makes a better beer? The places that make, sell, and serve beer, and most of all, the people who make the beer. That's what Hoperatives is all about.

37. I Think About Beer

I Think About Beer

Craft veteran Christopher Barnes thinks about beer. And he thinks about it a lot. Join him as he drinks his way across Belgium, Europe, and all points beer.

38. Inside Beer

Inside Beer

A vetted beer reviewer for All About Beer Magazine and competition judge, Jeff Evans knows his brew. Don't miss his blog about Beer Buzz and beer history.

39. Look at Brew

Look At Brew

A keen drinker with a sophisticated palate, Rachael Smith's blog is a celebration of all great beer, from artisan, cask, keg, bottled or canned.

What does brew mean to you?

I guess beer means a lot of different things to me. It's so much more than just a drink, but in the end it comes down to three things: exploration, discovery and friendship. ~Rach

40. The Not So Professional Beer Blog

Sometimes you want a professional review. For those other times, there's the Not So Professional, bringing beer festival schedules and homebrewing resources.

41. Oh Good Ale

Oh Good Ale

Starting as one man's personal tasting notes, Oh Good Ale is rife with tasting reviews of some of the UK's best beers.

42. Paul's Beer & Travel Blog

Paul's Beer & Travel Blog

Paul Bailey's a simple guy with a simple love for a good pint. Read about his adventures across the UK, from rural pubs to exotic eateries in Europe.

43. Pete Brown

Pete Brown

A British writer, beer judge, and broadcaster who "specializes in making people thirsty," Pete Brown's personal, candid articles promise to do just that.



The only thing the writers at this blog like more than enjoying a great pint is telling a great story about it. Devoted to promoting craft beer industry.

45. St. John's Wort

St. John's Wort

Collecting the beer tasting memories and all the latest news in craft beers from one of Canada's leading beer writers, Jordan St. John.

46. Tandleman's Beer Blog

Tandleman's Beer Blog

Forthright, honest reviews about pubs and beers across Great Britain and beyond, from a local CAMRA Chairman, beer writer, and craft beer activist.

47. Total Ales

Total Ales

Founder and editor Matthew Curtis brings news about exciting happenings in the world of beer, paired with lavish color photography.

48. Utah Beer Blog

Utah Beer Blog

Dedicated to bringing all the latest news about the exciting and booming craft beer scene in Utah, perhaps one of the most misunderstood beers in the world!

49. Washington Beer Blog

Washington Beer Blog

Make no mistake about it: the Washington craft beer scene is smokin'. Get all the latest news from the industry, along with insights from the rest of the world.

What does beer mean to you? ​

More than an alcoholic beverage and more than a hobby that entertains beer geeks, beer is an immensely social drink that most often brings people together in a world that too often seems bent on splitting us apart. ~Kendall Jones

50. Zythophile


This award winning blog by Martyn Cornell celebrates great beers in history and today, with humorous essays and asides.

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