Robot Technology: Now A Household Time Saver

Robot Technology Now A Household Time Saver

When you think about robot technology, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s only for huge corporations in the automotive sector, or those fancy prosthetics companies.

But what about a household device that took 20 years to develop and can be commonly found in home utility cupboards? Yes, we’re talking about the Robot Vacuum!

Robot Vacuums use some of the most sophisticated technology that was originally developed by the Army to help scan terrain for landmines. RoboVacs have quickly become one of the most popular inventions in the last 20 years, and still, they don’t quite have the same recognition as other household appliances.

Robot Vacuums are incredibly easy to use; simply plug it in until fully charged, turn it on, and watch it do its thing while you take care of other chores. Robot Vacuums are hands-free and cord free, so you can sit back and watch as it makes its way around your room picking up, dirt and dust from your flooring.

Some of the higher end models will even make their way back to the docking station when running low on battery power. Most Robot Vacuums work on all surfaces, including carpet, but it would be best to check the different ratings before making your purchase.

Most robovacs contain rotating dusters that work like road sweepers. They sweep, dust, and gather debris into the center where the vacuum sucks it up. All you need to do is empty it when it’s done.

If you’re wondering whether a robovac can save you much time, you’ll see in the infographic below that we spend on average 26 hours per week cleaning our homes. That’s a long time, so isn’t it a great investment if you can shave a few hours off of that?

Vacuuming is one of the least enjoyed chores, and it shows when you look at the stats. A whopping 41% have admitted to cutting corners when it comes to chores, with some only picking up the “most noticeable bits” from the floor instead of a full vacuum.

Check out the infographic below from to find out more on Robot Vacuums and some of the latest and best models.

Robot Vacuum V3

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(Last Updated On: March 1, 2017)
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