October 1st 2017 Free Xbox ‘Games With Gold’ Selections

October 1st 2017 Free Xbox Games With Gold Selections
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If you're eagerly awaiting the next free Xbox Games with Gold, wait no longer as there are 4 new games that you can own for free, just for being a member. In case you missed last month’s line up, there's still one game up for grabs.

Oxenfree is available to download until October 15th, and it's a teenage mystery full of entertaining characters and a vast world to explore. On October 1st, you'll be able to download and play Gone Home: Console Edition, which has you searching your old family home to see where your family has disappeared to.

Gone Home is available from October 1st to October 31st. Rayman 3 HD is the second game on offer, available from October 1st - October 15th and it's an adorable, cartoonish 3D platform-adventure game.

Gone Home: Console Edition

Available October 1st - 31st

Gone Home Games With Gold

Gone Home: Console Edition is the long-awaited conversion of the popular PC game. It's a first-person adventure game where your character has "gone home" to find that their family is nowhere to be seen.

Gone Home Screenshot 01

You decide to explore the house to see if you can unlock clues that will unravel the mystery.

If you can imagine a giant 1000 piece puzzle, taking up one whole wall, and the puzzle pieces you need aren't in the box but are stashed around the house, then you'll be imagining what it's like to play Gone Home.

As with any mystery, there can be times when you're not sure how to proceed, but if you keep up with your investigations, you'll always find something new and be able to progress.

The game world is confined to your family home, but it's big enough to feel complete, and every crevice is packed full of storied items for you to discover.

Every room shows you that the house has been lived in, recently, and you might find humorous parallels with your own home as you discover a kitchen overcrowded with pots or a messy bedroom that screams "Teenager!" at you.

Gone Home Screenshot 02

As the story unfolds, you'll discover a lot about your parents, and how they are intertwined with their marriage. You'll find messages, notes, and hidden diaries regarding your sister and you'll also discover why you left in the first place.

You might want to be careful how deep you dig. Do you really want to know what your father is up to when he's all alone?

Rayman 3 HD

Available October 1st - 15th

Rayman 3 HD Games With Gold


Rayman has been around for quite a while, and he's come a long way, too. The character is easily recognizable due to his floating limbs and cartoonish appearance. The game is a 3D platform-adventure game with plenty of jumps, puzzles, and enemies to fight.

In this iteration, Rayman is saving the world from an evil overlord, whom he chases across different worlds in an epic journey.

Rayman 3 HD Screenshot 02

Rayman has a plethora of various power-ups to help him in his quest, ranging from a helicopter power-up that enables flight to a rocket punch that works much like a guided missile.

All of these power-ups time out and some puzzles will require that you have one of these power-ups activated so sometimes you'll be racing against the clock to make it in time.

Everything you pick up or destroy will earn you points, which allow you to unlock bonus levels as you progress. The levels are completely optional and serve to give the game more longevity if you really want to get the most out of it that you can.

There are also some mini-games to break things up. In one of them, Rayman is shrunk to the size of a hamster as he drives one of his shoes in an effort to crash into his other shoe as it dashes manically across the map. It's like turbo-charged bumper cars.

There are a couple of bumps in an otherwise enjoyable ride.

Rayman 3d Screenshot 01

The camera tries its best to show the game world off in interesting ways, but unfortunately, this can cause issues as well. If the camera decides to zoom out as you jump, or not follow you at all, it can cause you to mistime your jump and plummet to your death.

The voice acting in the game is decent, but sometimes the recording is so low that you'll struggle to hear what's being said, especially in the cut-scenes.

You'll be glad to know that Rayman himself is a breeze to control and movement is very responsive. It's an integral part of the game, and it's one of Rayman's strong points.

If you've played any Rayman game before or you love platformers, definitely check Rayman 3 out.

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