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These days, nobody actually uses a watch to tell the time. Absolutely everybody has a smartphone or a tablet. If they don’t, they can just ask someone nearby or take a look at a television or computer screen.

Watches have become more of a way to make a statement. A very cool watch is an excellent way to showcase your own individual sense of style and fashion. Having trouble breaking the ice? A really interesting watch will get the conversation going every time, whether it’s where you bought it or how to read the unique watch face.

With that in mind, here’s a list of impressive watches that just might be the coolest watches in the world:

10 Pretty Darn Cool Watches You’ll Wish You Had

1. CUCOL Natural Bamboo Wooden Watch

CUCOL Natural Bamboo Wooden Watch

Ever seen a wooden watch before? Most people haven’t, so the CUCOL Natural Bamboo Wooden Watch is one awesome watch that is sure to help you stand out.

This unusual watch goes for the back to basics minimalistic design. Focusing on the essence of traditional bamboo, it has a case made of real bamboo, with no emblem on the watch face.

Its monochromatic design extends all the way to the authentic smooth cowhide leather strap, giving you an overall brown texture of class and elegance.

Besides the remarkable watch design, it is also lightweight and comfortable and boasts Japanese Quartz Movement which would rival the accuracy of a Swiss watch.

2. Top Plaza Black Leather Watch

Who says you have to be a fancy pants to wear an unusual watch? The Top Plaza Black Leather Watch is for the bad ass who does things his own way but still wants to look good doing it.

This distinctive looking item may be considered a weird watch by some, but it will totally fit in with the those going for the black and leather look. Good news for those into metal, hip-hop, punk rock, and goth. Bikers would also appreciate this cool watch design.

With three sections of snaps to choose from (7.5, 8, and 8.5 inches), the strap can be adjusted to fit your wrist perfectly. The thin leather strap also makes the watch lightweight and is flock-backed to ensure it won’t chafe against your skin.

Last but not least, this attractive watch is water resistant to 99 feet (30 meters). Take note, though, it is water resistant, not waterproof, so don’t take a shower or a swim while wearing it!

3. Technological Sense Binary Digital LED Watch

Technological Sense Binary Digital LED Watch

The Technological Sense Binary Digital LED Watch will help you separate your geek friends from your "normal" friends. This geek watch uses binary to show the time and date, meaning every time you use it you’ll get the benefit of jogging your brain a little.

Definitely a gadget watch for techies, its clear LED display is bright enough for a sunny day. Non-techies need not fear, though, as this gadget watch can be set up even with limited technological know-how, and getting used to telling the time and date in binary is just a matter of practice.

The case of this cool watch is made of stainless steel, and the soft silicone strap attaches it comfortably to your wrist. As always, avoid showering or bathing with the watch, although it is waterproof up to a distance of 30 meters.

4. Doctor Who Tardis Whovian Gear Watch

Doctor Who Tardis Whovian Gear Unisex Analog Water Resistant Novelty Gift Watch

The Doctor Who Tardis Watch is a must have for any Doctor Who fan. Whether you get it for yourself or as a gift, no Doctor Who aficionado can resist the charm of the Tardis. This unusual watch has a Tardis as a second hand, which will fly around each minute on the watch face. Fellow Doctor Who fans will recognize you in an instant!

Besides its distinctive watch face, this cool watch also has a vegan imitation leather band and accurate Japanese quartz movement. This neat watch also comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty and is water resistant (not waterproof).

5. Oulm 1140 Men's Dual Time Zones Watch (With Compass and Thermometer)

Oulm 1140 Men's Dual Time Zones Large Black Watch With Compass Thermometer

The Oulm 1140 is a great watch for those who like things military. This interesting watch has a working compass, a thermometer, and dual time zones. The result? A multi-functional watch that is very fashionable and very aviator-esque. Of course, unless you’re really a pilot, you probably won’t be needing all that but hey, no harm in being prepared, right?

To top it all off, the watch has a beautiful and bold gunmetal finish on its stainless steel case, giving it that macho military feel. It’s definitely a tough watch, with high-quality organic crystal for maximum scratch resistance.

6. Leather Bracelet Steampunk Sundial/Compass Watch

Dark Tan Leather Bracelet Steampunk Sundial Compass Wrist Watch

Another great conversation piece, this Steampunk Sundial Compass Wrist Watch uses a sundial to tell the time. That’s right, no batteries, no apps, no winding, just plain and simple sunlight. You’ll never need to change batteries or recharge this cool watch, but hopefully, you also won’t have to tell the time on a cloudy day too often.

Its functional sundial compass is made from solid brass, giving it a very distinct antique feel, and its genuine leather bracelet is hand-stitched.

As it links you to the natural cycles of the sun, you’ll have to allow for a little margin of error, since the sundial compass is only accurate within a quarter of an hour. A small price to pay for this solar-powered beauty!

7. Findtime Digital USB Lighter Watch

Findtime Men Digital USB Lighter Watch

The Findtime Digital USB Lighter Watch is another unique gadget watch. This one allows you to slide the watch face to the side to reveal an electric windproof lighter! Granted, you won’t be James Bond cutting through doors with a laser in your gadget watch, but you’ll definitely turn heads as you light your cigarette on your watch face.

Having your gadget watch double as a lighter also means you’ll save yourself some pocket space. And aren't you tired of losing your favorite lighter?

It’s also environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t use gas but rather charges with a USB cable (the same type you’d use for most phones or electronic devices).

8. Oulm Three Time Display Military Watch

Oulm Three Time Display Quartz Mens Military Army Sport Wrist Watch

Another unusual watch offering from Oulm, the Oulm Three Time Display Military Watch comes with three time displays. The three quartz movements in this wacky-styled watch give it a very solid and sturdy feel.

Not just for show, however, the triple time displays are just perfect for the busy jet-setting business traveler who jumps across international borders chasing meetings.

This impressive watch is also ideal for someone who has family and friends across three different time zones. And who doesn’t these days, right?

9. YouYouPifa Design Dial Stainless Steel Watch

YouYouPifa Unisex Special Design Dial Stainless Steel Quartz Business Wrist Watch

This YouYouPifa Design Dial Stainless Steel Watch is the perfect accessory for YourYour wardrobe! Not as outlandish as some of the other weird watches on this list, the YouYouPifa watch nonetheless still stands out from your average cool watch.

The concentric circles on its watch face are very distinct and are great at drawing attention and compliments. Meanwhile, the light baby powder blue of its watch face matches nicely with the stainless steel band, making for a very soothing summer color. It’s also scratch resistant, thanks to its high-quality organic crystal, and it's water-resistant.

10. SHHORS Candy Rubber Watch

A great gift for any LEGO enthusiast, this is the SHHORS Candy Rubber Watch. While not actually from the LEGO brand, the design of this remarkable watch is definitely similar. And just like the break apart and reassemble nature of LEGO, the ‘blocks’ of the watch can be rearranged in different orders, giving you a new design, every day!

This cool watch also comes with a variety of functions, including an LED backlight, stopwatch (although it's a long way from being a great sailing watch - sorry sailors!), alarm, date, day, hourly chime, and 12/24 hour format. But really, all you’ll want to use it for is the adjustable LEGO-ish pieces.


Watches may be decreasing in popularity as a means of telling the time, but cool watches, gadget watches, and unusual watches will always stand the test of time. Properly dressed, a smartphone may stand a slim chance as a fashion accessory, and maybe even as a conversation piece (if you tell the story of the time you jumped in the pool without emptying your pockets). But smartphones still have a long way to go before they can light a cigarette as you ride your bike, or gather you gushes of praise from your friends and family.

What is your favorite cool watch?

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