Mid-September FREE Xbox ‘Games With Gold’

Mid September Free Xbox Games With Gold 2017

Microsoft Games with Gold Mid-September 2017

Two new games are now available for you to play. Battlefield 3 is an epic FPS, best known for its open multiplayer maps, controllable vehicles, and team-based play. Battlefield 3 is free to download from September 16th – 30th.

Oxenfree is the second game up for grabs and is a drastic change of pace from the other September Games with Gold. It's a teenage drama with a spooky mystery to solve. It will appeal to you if you like to explore characters and also enjoy unraveling a plot, piece by piece. Oxenfree is available from September 16th – October 15th.

Forza Motorsport 5: GOTY Edition is a racing simulation and is still downloadable until September 30th. You can read our review for FM5 here.

Available September 16th - 30th

Battlefield continues to do what it does best in a modern warfare setting. Big, multiplayer maps with a plethora of vehicles to fly, drive and control in objective based confrontations.

You'll be able to take control of choppers, tanks, and other vehicles or you can put your FPS skills to the test by just playing the role of an infantryman. Whatever your choice, vehicles are an integral part of getting around the massive maps, as well as dishing out death.

Battlefield Screenshot 02

The maps themselves are varied, featuring mountains, valleys, and even mile-long carriers.

Many man-made structures are also destructible which might leave your enemy without cover, or give you a new way to get into their base. Nothing is stopping them from doing the same to you, of course!

The class you choose plays a major role in defining how you can best help your team in multiplayer. You can choose from Assault, Support, Engineer or Scout and they each have their various abilities which will help the team.

The more you play a particular class, the more bonuses are upgrades you'll unlock too, and it makes for gratifying gameplay as you progress.

A lot of people will be glad to know that you don't need to make the fatal shot to gain experience. You'll be earning points from kill assists and also from your suppressing fire. This particular mechanic will infer a debuff on the suppressed enemy, making them less accurate while also giving them blurred vision.

Battlefield 3 Screenshot 01

If you like co-op play, there are six missions you can make your way through, with the help of some friends, and completing them will reward you with items you can use in multiplayer. You'll need to play through them all a few times to unlock everything, and you'll also get to practice your chopper-flying skills in one mission.

There's also a single player campaign that's almost universally hated by all. It's not a bad campaign, per se, but it might as well be in Call of Duty than Battlefield as the features that stand out in Battlefield don't really make an appearance here. The missions are linear, and you'll find yourself jumping into multiplayer pretty quickly, as that's where all the copious amounts of fun are.

Oxenfree Xbox One Cover


Available September 16 - October 15th

Oxenfree could be a video game based on a book. A book filled with teenage drama with an underlying mystery to solve.

It's a game about exploring characters, testing friendships and how they survive together on an island.

The story starts with a group of friends who head to a decommissioned military base which is on Edwards Island. There's going to be a party held, and no adults are invited!

Edwards Island has a sordid history, however, and you'll inadvertently open a doorway to the spirit world which is the beginning of your adventure into solving the mystery.

Your character is Alex, whose brother died recently and her parents are also divorced. At some point, you'll be looking to play some music on your radio, and this is where things start getting creepy.

Oxenfree Screenshot 01

Otherworldly voices will seep out from the radio in certain areas while other times your friends might be possessed as the spirits try to speak through them.

The art style can really resonate with people, and it really suits the setting. You'll be doing a lot of walking through the various locations, so it helps that they're nice to look at!

There's no combat or fighting of any kind, and if you're looking for a slow-paced game that's more focused on character development than anything else, you'll enjoy Oxenfree.

(Last Updated On: September 23, 2017)
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