Mid-October 2017 Free Xbox ‘Games With Gold’ Selections

Mid October 2017 Free Xbox 'Games With Gold' Selections

For the mid-October Games with Gold, two new games have been made available for members. First off is The Turing Test (Oct 16th — Nov 15th) which follows the exploits of an International Space Agency Engineer who's working on a base in Europa. It's a first-person puzzle-adventure with some great graphics and some compelling storylines to follow. Medal of Honor: Airborne (Oct 16th — Oct 31st) is a World War II first-person shooter, and it takes the franchise in a new and welcome direction with open-world maps featuring various objectives that you can choose to complete in any order. You can still pick up Gone Home: Console Edition for free as it's available until October 31st. It's a mystery game where you explore your character's family's history, and you can find the review here.

The Turing Test

Available October 16 – November 15

The Turing Test Cover

The Turing Test transports you into the future, where man has colonized the stars. Things aren't looking so good for you, though, as you're all alone on a very inhospitable planet with a malfunctioning base as your only salvation.

Turing Test Screenshot 01

The game is a first-person puzzle-adventure which has you solving various logic puzzles, allowing you to progress further into the base. This in itself, doesn't make a great game, so to keep you interested there's also a narrating AI and some backstory to uncover as you unlock more and more of the deserted base.

You play as Ava Turing who is an engineer working at a research station on Europa, owned by the International Space Agency. You'll find biographies of the other people that have worked at the site, and this will help you in your effort to understand what happened and what the base was built for.

One of the first things you'll discover is that the puzzles in the base were designed to be completed by humans only, and robots should fail. There's plenty of terminals that also hint at things along the way and can make you start to worry that you're more machine than man.

Turing Test Screenshot 02

The puzzles themselves start off with moving power cells around to unlock and open doors and serve to get you accustomed to some of the game mechanics as well as letting you know what type of game you're in for. As you progress, you'll also be able to use the station's cameras to observe certain things going on as well as mobile robots that can take your place to explore the more dangerous parts.

It's a very nice-looking game, and you might be forgiven for expecting some kind of nasty aliens to surprise you. The game remains true to itself throughout, though, and it's a decent effort from the developer to create something that's new but also familiar.

Medal of Honor: Airborne

Available October 16 – October 31

Medal Of Honor Airborne Cover


With the amount of World War II first-person shooter games, you might think that there's nothing new that can be done.

MOHA Screenshot01

Medal of Honor is best known for its cinematic, scripted sequences that draw you into the realities of war. Airborne is a deviation from this trend, but it's a welcome one.

You play the role of a paratrooper, and as such, you are dropped into open-world areas with a list of objectives that you can choose to complete however you like and in whatever order you want.

You can guide your parachute directly for the zones marked with smoke to meet up with the rest of your squad, or you can “hot chute” right into the thick of the enemy. The second option will usually end up with you in a body bag, though.

Airborne favors a more cautious approach to combat, where you need to take advantage of available cover rather than running around hip-firing at every enemy you see. The weapons are probably a lot less accurate than you're used to, and you'll need to aim down the sights if you want to actually hit anything.

MOHA Screenshot02

You can unlock upgrades to your weapons as you progress, based on how you've been using them and this will make you a more effective fighting machine. The moment you think you're Rambo will mean another restart for you, though.

I would highly recommend downloading Medal of Honor: Airborne as it has a lot to offer any fans of first-person shooters. It's a refreshing change to the genre.

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