Mid-November 2017 Free Xbox ‘Games With Gold’ Selections

Mid November 2017 Free Xbox 'Games With Gold' Selections

Two more games are now available for everyone with a Microsoft Xbox Live Gold Membership to download, and they are a big change of pace compared to the previous two titles.

Tales from the Borderlands is another Telltale game that successfully incorporates the theme of the original Borderlands game into its own setting. Tales from the Borderlands is available from November 16th to December 15th.

Deadfall Adventures also makes its debut on Games with Gold and has you delving into forbidden tombs, searching for a rumored artifact. You'll be gunning down Nazi's, Russians, and zombies in equal measure and you can get it until the end of November.

Trackmania Turbo is also still available through the end of the month. You can catch the full review for it here.

Tales From The Borderlands

If you've played Borderlands, you might think it's a strange title to convert into one of Telltale's adventure games, but the mixture actually combines really well.

The unique graphical look of Borderlands translates well into the Graphic Novel style of Telltale and, rather than being one of the all-powerful vault hunters as you do in Borderlands, you're a lowly company manager who's just been overlooked for promotion.

After meeting your new and obnoxious boss, you set off on a humorous adventure filled with plenty of nods to Borderlands and sci-fi in general.

Tales From The Borderlands Screenshot

After a while, your character, Rhys, will meet up with two con-artist sisters and you'll be taking turns playing Rhys and the elder sister as they seek to outdo each other. This makes for some interesting storytelling as your goals change based on which character you're currently playing.

Eventually, Rhys, his friend, and the two sisters will join forces and adventure together. Not a single one of them is very skilled, though and if you ever wondered how your next door neighbors might perform in a world where Borderlands was real life then you'll discover the answer here!

The full season starts off with the first episode being a little frantic — with little time to ponder on your actions, but as you progress through the episodes, you're able to explore a lot more and fully enjoy the world of Borderlands without the usual hail of bullets that you'd associate it.

It's nice to be able to see such a popular franchise from the layman's point of view. Now that you're not super-skilled, the reality of the world sinks in, and you get a sense of the greater world that surrounds the original games.

If you haven't ever played the Borderlands games, you won't pick up on some obvious nods, but that doesn't exclude you from enjoying this game. Tales from the Borderlands is one of the better Telltale games, and it's a pleasure to play through.

Deadfall Adventures

Available November 16 - November 30

Deadfall Adventures

If you've ever fancied yourself as a would-be Indiana Jones, then you'll feel right at home in Deadfall Adventures. Your character is James Lee Quatermain, who is escorting a U.S. agent who is searching for the “Heart of Atlantis” in Egypt.

You'll be meeting Nazi's and Russians who are out to kill you as the game is set in 1938, just before World War 2 and you'll immediately notice the similarities between the game and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Deadfall Adventures Screenshot

There's also a smattering of The Mummy in here too, as you'll be spending much your time inside dark pyramids fighting mummies.

Deadfall Adventures is more of a shoot 'em up than anything else, although it does have some puzzle elements. These puzzles aren't too difficult, and any frustration comes from poor implementation than something being too hard to solve.

Thankfully, you'll just be gunning down the undead and the living most of the time as you fight to progress ever deeper in your search for the Heart of Atlantis.  

Graphically, the game boasts some nice vistas which will serve to impress you and the core gameplay is adequate. If I sound a little underwhelmed, it's because I am. There's nothing groundbreaking here. It's not a bad game, and it's certainly fun to play as Not-Indie for a while. James is also a bit of a male chauvinist, which is entertaining for a while.

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