Mid-June 2017 Free Xbox ‘Games With Gold’ Selections

Mid June 2017 Free Xbox Games With Gold

I’m very excited for the mid-June Games with Gold. Two really awesome titles have been added – WATCH_DOGS and Dragon Age: Origins.

Imagine GTA V where the main character can hack almost any digital device including mobiles, security cameras, and sentry guns, and you have WATCH_DOGS. If you like story-rich, character-driven RPGs with multiple beginnings, endings, and middle “ings,” then don’t miss out on Dragon Age: Origins.

In case you missed the initial June reviews, SpeedRunners and the Phantom Dust DLC are still available until June 30th, and you can read those reviews here.


Watch Dogs Cover

Available June 16 – July 15

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past several years, you’ll already have an idea of what WATCH_DOGS is. For the rock lovers among you, it’s like GTA in its open world, vehicle driving, and pedestrian punching, but with a healthy dose of digital hacking too.

I’m not just talking about the usual “walk up to computer/door and see a progress bar hack” there’s a plethora of different devices and ways to hack.

You can hack a security guards camera to scope out the area before anyone ever has a chance to see you. You can hack people's’ mobile phones and get personal information on them. You can go to an ATM with the information you stole and take people's’ money.

You can make certain grenades explode, wherever they are, even if their owner still has them equipped. WATCH_DOGS is full of action, explosions, and stealth for the intelligent and forward-thinking.

There are a lot of ways to progress through missions, and it makes for a lot of replayability. Stacked together with the side missions and the excellent characters WATCH_DOGS has a lot going for it.

The combat is pretty cool too, with slow motion headshots and cover based play that allows you to flank enemies that haven’t seen you and get past positions that might have turned ugly for you.

When WATCH_DOGS was being hyped up, they did show graphical quality that was a lot higher than you see in the game and as a result, a lot of negative reviews and feedback happened.

If you put that aside, what you’re left with is a game that’s just as good as GTA V in many ways, yet doesn’t try to be a rip-off, but has its own style in the form of modern day hacking.

Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age Origins Cover


Available June 16 – June 30

Bioware has made a name for themselves in gaming for their excellent RPG’s, and the Dragon Age series is no different.

It’s an epic, party-based fantasy RPG that has a strong emphasis on interacting with your party in order to build friendships and trust. This can unlock certain abilities that they teach you and also new side missions that would otherwise never appear.

The plot is also epic, to say the least, and is where a lot of the enjoyment can be had as there are so many twists and turns, like a rollercoaster. And the characters in your party, how you treat them, and the character race and class that you chose at the start of the game can all have an impact on it.

One of the reasons that the story is so good is that you’ll be nail-gnawing over every important decision, knowing it will affect the outcome of the story and ultimately deciding how your character is seen.

Roleplaying has never had so much impact in a single player game before.

The “Origins” part of the story refers to the six different beginnings that you can have, which depend on the race and class you chose at the start of the game. You’ll encounter similar situations with the different origins but the outcome can be different, and those events will ripple throughout your whole game time.

Needless to say, you’ll be thrust into the role of world-saver, and even though that particular theme has been done so many times before, Bioware makes it great fun this time round.

The Xbox version differs from the PC version in that the fighting is more action based rather than the pause/micromanagement of the PC version. Unless you’re a massive fan of that kind of play, then you won’t be missing much in the Xbox version.

Your party of characters will have their own fighting styles, weapons, and abilities and they will grow with you. They’ll also grow with you, and you almost feel as though you “know” them after they’ve revealed more of their story to you.

Dragon Age: Origins is a great game, and if you have any interest in RPG’s at all then this one is definitely worth your time.

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2017)
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