Mid-January 2018 Free Xbox ‘Games With Gold’ Selections

Mid January 2018 Free Xbox Games With Gold

Halfway through January, two more games are free for you to own. Zombi is a fresh take on the Zombie Apocalypse format and brings the type of tension that only the best zombie games bring. It's available from January 16th to February 15th. If you're looking for a little more action, Army of Two is a decent co-op third-person shooter that really shines if you play with a friend. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing III (Jan 1st - Jan 31st), an action RPG, is still available if you missed it and you can read the review of it here.


Available January 16th - February 15th

Zombi Cover

Another zombie game? Well, yes, but it does things differently enough to stand out from the crowd and actually deserve some of your precious attention.

In Zombi, you're a survivor in London, England, trying to survive the hordes of zombies while completing precarious tasks for people you meet along the way.

Now, you could play like an ax-wielding maniac, running around creating as much noise and violence as you can, but then you would be missing out on all the fun that Zombi brings: the atmosphere.

All the best horror games, especially the zombie ones, make you fear what's around the corner and make you afraid to be alone. Creeping around deserted streets and abandoned buildings, hoping you do not run into the undead is a lot of fun and delivers a lot of tension.

One mechanic I particularly like is player-death. Instead of a game over screen, you will take over another character, as in State of Decay, and you can even try to regain your lost possessions if you can find and kill your previous player character, who is now a zombie.

If you fail and die, the previous character's backpack is lost forever. This is what adds to the tension and actually brings meaning to any hostile encounter you have. Should you try to take out the pack of zombies in front of you so you can open that attractive crate of possible loot or will you take the safer path and look elsewhere?

If you plan ahead, you can mitigate the loss of a character somewhat by storing items in a crate at home. This ensures your next character isn't completely helpless when they are unceremoniously flung out into the unforgiving world.

Melee combat is a little repetitive and guns don't feel as powerful as they should be, considering ammo is scarce, but if you enjoy the idea of the tense atmosphere that Zombi brings then you will love this game.

Army of Two

Available January 16th - January 31st

Army Of Two Xbox 360 Cover


Army of Two has a new spin on the third-person shooter genre. To progress through the levels, you'll need to work with your buddy, whether it's laying down covering fire to get the enemy to shoot at you, ripping off a car door to become a mobile shield for your buddy to hide behind, or sniping enemy player duos simultaneously in multiplayer.

The co-op story follows the careers of two newly-made commandos over 16 years and focuses on the strength of their friendship, forged in combat, and how they're used and abused by powers that don't care.

As you complete missions, you'll earn money based on your performance, and you'll make extra by achieving specific goals. With the money you earn, you can customize your weapons as you see fit which allows you to tailor them to your own playstyle.

If you have a particular buddy that you're playing co-op with, you can become an army of two by taking on various roles between you, customizing your weapons for your own special tasks.

You can play the whole campaign through in single player and have a good experience but to get the most out of the game, it's ideal to play with either split-screen or somebody you know online where the fraternal nature of the game comes together.

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