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Imagine this. It is one o’clock in the morning, you’re 35 minutes into a nail-biting game of XCOM2, and your fellow players are relying on you to get the job done. You can hear their “woahs” and “oohs” in your headphones, but without any caffeine in your system, you’re fading fast. Why is it exactly that you don’t have your favorite mug of coffee beside you at such a crucial time? Because your desk is too small to accommodate everything you need.

When it comes to gaming computer desks, space is everything. The more space you have to keep all your gaming tools nearby, the more you can focus on what really matters – your game. Of course no one can have limitless gaming space, but an intelligently designed, durable gaming computer desk can offer you all the help you need. In addition to enhancing the look of your gaming area, the right desk can intensify your entertainment experience and comfort level and allow you to dedicate your time and effort to your video game.

Whether you have a large, spacious room or you conduct your gaming sessions in a small, congested room, a PC gaming desk can give you the tools you need to rule the gaming world. Available in different sizes with varied features, we’ve shortlisted the best gaming desks that have been designed exclusively for ardent gamers. Go through our guide to help you select the desk that truly fits your gaming needs and, of course, your gaming room.

6 of the Best Gaming Computer Desks

1. Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

Z-Line Belaire Glass L-Shaped Computer Desk

The Z-Line Belaire Glass Computer Desk tops our list with an exclusive 4.6 star rating. Its sleek L-shaped design makes it perfect for corner placement. Requiring very little space in your room, it keeps your gaming area free of clutter and gives you the comfort you need while enjoying hours and hours of gaming sessions. With a strong metal frame and reinforced plates, this desk gives you the level of satisfaction you should expect from such important purchases. Its expertly welded joints keep the desk protected from any serious damage and its powder coat finish ensures its glossy appearance.

The desktop is made of 6mm/5mm heavy tempered glass. The most extraordinary features include a pull-out keyboard tray and display shelf. This sturdy, long-lasting gaming desk is all about functionality and appearance. Add a bit more excitement to your gaming sessions with the satisfaction of this reliable, durable computer desk.

2. Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk

With a high rating of 4.5 stars, the Atlantic Gaming Desk ranks second in our list. This reasonably priced desk is all about an efficient cable management system, sophisticated appearance and of course, your comfort. Having steel rod construction, it is a carbon fiber laminated gaming desk. It gives you abundant room to set up your laptop, keyboard and monitor easily and efficiently. What’s more, you don’t need an exclusive monitor stand while using this desk as it already has a built-in stand.

You won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning this desk as it is made of easy-to-clean materials. With the handy phone and tablet charging station, this table takes your convenience to a whole other level. Other key features that make this desk a great addition to your gaming room include a sizable storage drawer, a cup holder (a great necessity for coffee lovers), headphone hook, speaker trays, two controller hooks, a rack to ensure game storage and a power strip holder at the back.

Requiring only minor assembly, the Atlantic Gaming Desk is all set to give your gaming sessions the power they need. So set it up, plug in your electronics and get gaming!

3. Walker Edison Furniture Glass Metal Corner Computer Desk

WE Furniture Glass Metal Corner Computer Desk

Next on our list with a 4.4 star rating is the Walker Edison Soreno Corner Desk. It comes complete with ready-to-assemble parts as well as step-by-step instructions, so you don’t have to worry about a complicated, time-consuming assembly procedure. Just give the instruction manual a read and you’ll be a pro at putting this desk together.

But what does this desk offer to gamers? Let’s take a detailed look at its features. This visually appealing desk has a unique sleek design - but don’t take its sleek design lightly. After all, it is made of heavy tempered safety glass and durable steel. Its extraordinary L-shape offers a corner wedge, thus you can utilize the available space efficiently to set up your gaming consoles. Having durable steel construction and a powder coat finish, this desk maintains its shine for longer periods. Its special shape and design creates a simple yet stylish look that attracts both gamers and non-gamers.

Its flexible construction will definitely give you the freedom you’re looking for. Set the keyboard tray on whatever side of the gaming desk that you want. It also features a sliding keyboard tray and autonomous stand for your CPU.

Designed to complement any small or big room, this desk is sure to keep you comfortable and ready for any kind of gaming session.

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4. Deluxe Tempered Frosted Glass L-Shaped Corner Desk With Pull Out Keyboard Panel

Deluxe Tempered Frosted Glass L Shaped Corner Desk With Pull Out Keybaord Panel

Also with a 4.4-star rating, the Deluxe Corner Desk is another great addition to the list of reliable gaming desks. And why wouldn’t it be? It is well-built, durable, stylish looking, and of course, functional. Made of long-lasting 8mm tempered frosted glass, this gaming PC desk has a scratchproof steel frame with a powder coat finish. Additionally, hard-wearing graphite MDF boards are used in the desk and it has moisture proof PVC laminate legs. All in all, its construction is resilient, weatherproof yet stylish.

So are you a left-handed or right-handed gamer? Whatever your answer, the Deluxe Desk is designed to accommodate everyone. For this purpose, it includes a pull out keyboard tray that you can assemble on either side. The tray is manufactured using engineered wood and has a unique safety stop. It also features a large desktop that you can configure the way you like as its short and long sides are interchangeable.

What’s more, the bottom of the gaming desk has a shelving space that you can use to store your CPU. You can even rest your feet there. Sounds comfortable, yes?

5. Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner Computer Desk

Techni Mobili Hip Black Glass Corner Computer Desk

A rating of 4.2 stars has placed the Techni Mobili Computer Desk fifth on our list of computer gaming desks. This black, shiny desk is sure to capture the attention of everyone entering your gaming room. Giving you the freedom to configure the computer desk according to your needs, this gaming desk comes with interchangeable short and long sides. It is extremely easy to assemble this efficient desk.

When it comes to looks, the Techni Mobili Desk blends looks and durability well. It consists of a heavy-duty curved chromed-steel structure a sophisticated desktop of 8mm tempered glass. With a powder coated finish, this scratch resistant desk is protected from damage. Having a safety stop, the pull-out keyboard tray makes your gaming sessions more enjoyable.

You don’t have to worry about the weight capacity of this desk as its desktop panels can withstand weights up to 110 pounds, the keyboard tray can hold up to 33 pounds, and the corner panel has the weight capacity of around 66 pounds. So set up your gaming desktop with an absolute sense of satisfaction and play your favorite video game for as long as you want.

6. Tempered Glass L-Shaped Corner Desk With Drawer

Tempered Glass L Shaped Corner Desk With Drawer

With its 4-star rating, this simple yet practical gaming computer desk is the last one on our list. This chocolate-colored desk may immediately entice you with its good looks, but you’ll find its features equally appealing. With its powder coated finish, this scratch resistant surface is a shiny addition to your gaming area. The desktop is made of durable 8mm tempered glass.

The spacious workspace includes a pull-out keyboard tray with a convenient safety stop. Since the short and long sides are interchangeable, you can adjust them according to your needs and the size of your room. The desktop panels, pull out drawer and corner panel can support heavy weights as they have a 110 pound, 33 pound, and 66 pound capacity, respectively. Assembling this desk is not a problem as it involves just a few simple steps.

Concluding Thoughts

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Price, construction, design, and features; hopefully this guide has addressed all the questions you have regarding gaming desks. Don’t assume an inappropriate posture while playing a video game and hurt your neck, shoulders, or back. Attend to your comfort needs and find the desk that keeps you comfortable while enjoying those long gaming sessions. The kind of gaming desk you purchase will depend on both your budget and the space you have available in your room. The best thing about these versatile computer desks is that they are not just designed to facilitate gamers.

Let one of these desks help you safeguard your comfort needs and become a better gamer. Get ready to give your gaming room the transformation it deserves with the ultimate gaming computer desk.

(Last Updated On: June 10, 2016)
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