Geek Out With Green Laser Pointers: The Best and the Brightest


What is a Laser?


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Before we actually start to compare red versus green laser pointers, we need to have an understanding of what laser technology is.

Technically, “LASER” is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In short, a laser is simply a concentrated light beam that is amplified to great brightness.

If you paid attention in class, you'd know that light is just electromagnetic photons that are energized at specific wavelengths. By optically amplifying a specific wavelength of light, we are able to achieve this concentrated beam of light.

Human eyes can detect a narrow spectrum of light. This is commonly known as a “visible light spectrum.” By varying the frequency range of this light spectrum, we can produce what we now know as red or green lasers.

What Is The Difference Between A Red And Green Laser?

The main difference between a red and green laser is the wavelength difference. A red laser has a longer wavelength of about 650 nanometers, whereas a green laser has a shorter wavelength of about 532 nanometers.


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The mechanism used to produce these two types of lasers is also different. Red lasers generally use a diode and optics and are easy to manufacture. This explains why red lasers are so cheap to make.

A green laser pointer requires a special diode, a frequency doubling crystal, and a second infra-red laser crystal. Assembling them requires much more effort compared to red lasers.

Why do we continue to see so many red lasers being used in the home, commercial and industrial products? Basically red lasers were the first kind of lasers to be manufactured and started the whole “laser pointer” scene. Green lasers came about later and as you know by now, actually cost more to manufacture. However, green lasers have caught up due to improvements in technology and are starting to cost less.

Now that you have a basic understand of what a red and green laser is, let’s see why green lasers are better.

Green Lasers Are More Visible

A green laser appears brighter than a red laser because it is closer to the center of the visible spectrum. The photoreceptors in our eyes are more sensitive to wavelengths of light in the 520 to 570-nanometer spectrum. And guess which laser resides in that spectrum? That’s right...because green lasers have a wavelength of 532 nanometers, they appear brighter to our eyes.

In fact, a green laser can appear as much as five times brighter than a red laser. This makes green lasers a much better choice over red lasers. They are much brighter and can be seen even for thousands of feet away under optimal conditions.


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What does this mean? For classroom or office pointing duties, green lasers can be easily seen even under the brightest of lights. For someone looking for an optical accessory for his or her hunting rifle, a green laser offers much better visibility over long distances.

In this review, we will look at how green lasers can be applied to two different scenarios: office laser pointers and laser sighting devices for rifles.

5 Best Office Laser Pointers

Lasers can be used for a variety of purposes, and one of them includes pointing out objects during presentations. The ubiquitous red laser pointer is a common office tool. However, since green lasers are brighter and easier to spot (and clearly you want the brightest laser pointer), we highly recommend green laser pointers. Why? Red lasers—at least the common commercial ones—can be almost impossible to spot in daylight conditions, especially in offices that are brightly lit. A green laser is more visible and can point out objects on a slide or whiteboard more effectively.

1. Kensington Expert Wireless Presenter with Green Laser Pointer and Cursor Control


The Kensington Expert Wireless Presenter uses a green laser pointer that is ten times brighter than a typical red laser beam. It comes with two modes: engaging a flip instantly switches from cursor control mode to presenter mode.

The Kensington Expert Wireless Presenter has a long wireless range of up to 150 feet. Its wireless 2.4GHz USB receiver can be neatly stored inside for convenient and easy transportation as well. This device is uniquely paired so you never have to worry about wireless interference.

It’s fully compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X. So if you’re looking to control PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, this is the best laser pointer to get.

2. Logitech Professional Presenter R800 with Green Laser Pointer


The Logitech Professional Presenter R800 has a brilliant and powerful green laser beam that is easy to see in brightly lit offices and works well on projection screens and flat panel displays. With a range of up to 100 feet, it allows you to move around your presentation with confidence and get closer to your audience.

The Logitech Professional Presenter R800 comes with a plug-and-play wireless receiver that doesn’t require any software to install. No more worrying about whether your geek laser pointer is going to work at your client’s office. The receiver also stores inside the presenter neatly for convenient storage.

It also comes with an LCD display with a timer so you can always be aware of your remaining presentation time without having to check your watch.

3. SMK-Link VP4585 RemotePoint Presenter with Green Laser


The SMK-Link VP4585 is a powerful companion for any executive looking for a versatile laser pointer for office meeting rooms, trade shows, and even training rooms. It comes with a bright green laser beam, 360 cursor navigation and intuitive slide control keys.

This ergonomic geek laser pointer presenter has a range of up to 75 feet thanks to its reliable 2.4GHz wireless receiver, which is more than sufficient for most meeting and training rooms.

The SMK-Link VP4585 is PC and Mac compatible and is plug-and-play with absolutely no software installation required.

4. Clever Professional Presenter C850 with Green Laser Pointer


The Clever Professional Presenter C850 is built for high-impact presentations. Sporting a brilliant green laser beam, the C850 works well on any flat panel display or projections screens.

The Clever C850 is similar to the Logitech R800 in many regards. They both share many features such as an LCD display with timer and silent vibrating alerts, and up to 100 feet of wireless range. The C850 is also plug-and-play just like the R800, and the receiver can be stored inside the presenter itself for easy storage.

The only difference is pricing. While the Logitech is over $50, the Clever C850 is just a little over $30 and plays well with both PC and Mac operating systems.

5. SMK-Link RemotePoint Emerald Navigator


The SMK-Link Emerald Navigator is a green laser pointer and presenter controller with a range of up to 100 feet. It is fully programmable and features auto-RF for quick pairing.

It has dedicated controls for PC and Mac operating systems, and all its buttons can be customized for any variety of key combinations that you choose.

The SMK-Link’s extended range makes it a brilliant green laser pointer for classrooms, offices, and even trade shows.

5 Best Green Laser Pointers for Hunting

Red laser spotting devices have been around for almost twenty years. They were cheap to manufacture and worked well. However, green laser pointers started appearing on the scene ten years ago and have been widely employed by the police and military. The superiority of a green laser lies in the fact that the green laser dot can be seen almost twice as far as a red laser dot. The green laser also creates a prominent laser path for the shooter. For the hunter, the improved visibility and longer range is a significant benefit.

A green laser beam is also easier to see during daytime. Our eyes are trained naturally to see green colors better than red. This allows the hunter to acquire his target quicker under any light conditions.

1. Crimson Trace CMR–206 Rail Master Universal Green Laser Sight


The Crimson Trace CMR–206 is a universal green laser pointer that is designed to fit rail-equipped rifles and basically any firearm with a modern accessory rail. It offers the brightest green laser allowed by law.

The Crimson Trace CMR–206’s green laser can run on a single 1/3N lithium battery for two hours and also features an auto shut-off mode for power saving.

There are three modes of operation: momentary, strobe and constant-on. So whatever your preference is, you’re sure to find a feature that fits your needs. The CMR–206 is easy to install and can be quickly transferred from your current rifle to another firearm.

2. Ade Advanced Optics Compact Pistol Green Laser Pointer


The Ade Advanced Optics was made for any standard rifle with Weaver or Picatinny rails. It can be easily attached and detached without fuss.

Made from solid steel and lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, the Ade Advanced Optics is extremely sturdy. The green laser has adjustable windage and elevation and can be run on a single CR123 battery.

3. Truglo Micro-Tac Tactical Micro Laser

Truglo Micro-Tac Tactical Micro Laser

The Truglo Micro-Tac is a next generation weapon-mounted green laser pointer that can fit any rifle with a Weaver or Picatinny style rail. It is ultra compact, super lightweight and features a unique ambidextrous push-button for both right and left-hand operation.

The high-efficiency superconductor laser diode comes with pulse and constant-on laser modes. The Truglo Micro-Tac’s recessed off/on button also reduces accidental activation of the laser beam and automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of use.

4. Vokul Shockproof 532nm Tactical Green Dot Laser Sight


The Vokul is an affordable green dot laser sight with an advanced bright laser optic. It emits an intense and highly visible green laser beam for both short and long range targeting.

Made from high-quality aluminum alloy, the Vokul is solid and reliable. Its windage and elevation are easily adjustable and customizable for day or night shoots.

The Vokul Tactical Green Dot Laser Sight comes with a 22mm metal Picatinny rail mount, a 1” rifle barrel clamp mount, an 8”-type mount, a pressure pad switch, one allen wrench and a 3V CR123A lithium battery.

5. Barska GLX 5mW Green Laser Pointer


The Barska GLX is a 3rd generation design standard green laser pointer for easy zeroing. The intense green laser beam is highly visible to the human eye, making this a perfect companion for hunters.

It comes with an external scope for easy elevation and windage adjustments for precise targeting. The Barska GLX is powered by a single CR–123A lithium battery which comes included with the kit.

Its diamond-cut tactical design comes with a unique feature – a crenulated-bezel edge for added protection. In times of emergencies, the Barska can be quickly detached for high-impact usage. The raised edges also protect the laser optics in such a scenario.


Red lasers have always been considered as a cheaper alternative to green lasers. But as you can see from our review, green laser pointing devices are not that expensive. Prices have gone down due to technological advances.

If you need a laser pointer for the office or classroom, then it makes sense to go with green. They are easily visible even under the brightest of fluorescent lighting.

For someone looking for a laser sight for his hunting rifle, you can’t go wrong with green either. It provides excellent visibility even in outdoors and under low-light situations.

The bottom line is this: our eyes naturally detect green colors easier, hence it makes perfect sense to pick a green laser pointer over red. We hope this information about the best laser pointers on Amazon has been helpful to you.

(Last Updated On: February 13, 2017)

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