Geek Out With These 10 Awesome Geeky Gadgets


Here’s a disclaimer: the following toys are so geeky and nerdy that most of you will question their purpose and existence. There is no point in owning these gadgets, really. You can carry on with your life absolutely fine even if you closed this browser tab right now to go watch a video of cats taking a nap.

Whoa, hold on – that’s not the point. There’s a geek inside every one of us, even you. We’ve all seen that ridiculous geeky gadget that our colleague has. So how about you? Why not have something cool to brag about. The question is where do you start? There’s literally hundreds of geek toys you could buy.

Let’s take things slow and start off with 10 geeky gadgets, shall we? Ready? Great. In the words of Captain Kirk – “Beam me up, Scotty!

Top Geeky Gadgets

10 Geek Gadgets That Make You Awesome

1. Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

Wouldn’t it be awesome if every time someone walks past or comes near your door, an alert warns you of impending danger? Wouldn’t it be even cooler if the alert is a Star Trek Red Alert tone?

This ThinkGeek Star Trek door chime is exactly what you need. Modeled after the exact same communication panels in the Star Trek original series, this door chime prepares you for all manners of danger – whether it’s your boss looking for you or a suspicious colleague near your cubicle.

The motion-sensor door chime activates when someone crosses the threshold and immediately sounds off a Red Alert or “door opening” chime. This multi-colored sensor can be mounted on any wall, and is especially useful for cubicle workers who need situational awareness (we’ll leave that to your imagination).

Planning to skive off work and watch YouTube or take a nap? This door chime geek toy might just save your ass.

2. 4M Tin Can Robot

4M Tin Can Robot

Is it a soda can? Is it a robot? What if we told you this robot kit can teach you the value of recycling by repurposing a used can? I know – I can see eyes rolling already – but think about it. How many cans of soda does your family consume a day?

Why throw these cans out when you can recycle them? Kids don’t necessarily get why they have to recycle. This 4M Tin Can Robot, on the other hand, teaches children how to repurpose a soda pop can in a fun and easy way.

You don’t need any special tools. All you need to do is get a used can and follow the instructions. Watch as the can turns into a walking, bog-eyed robot. Learning how to recycle has never been more fun!

3. Estaly Rubik’s Cube Coffee Mug Insulated with Removable Lid

Estaly Rubiks Cube Coffee Mug Insulated with Removable Lid

This one’s for those who spent hundreds of hours playing with a Rubik’s cube in their youth. Remember those? Kids these days – staring at their iPhones all the time and chasing after Pokemon monsters. Back then we used to play with stuff like the Rubik’s Cube, and we never got bored – at least I never did.

Now you can relive those memories with this wonderful coffee mug in a Rubik’s Cube design. The insulated design and lid keep your favorite beverage hot. Don’t worry – the renewable bioplastic is derived from corn starch.

Just make sure you keep your REAL Rubik’s Cube away from this geek gadget. You don’t want to mistake one for the other!

4. Schrodinger’s Cat Executive Decision Maker

Schrodingers Cat Executive Decision Maker

Ah, decisions, decisions. Someone important like you probably makes a ton of decisions every day. If you just can’t make up your mind or have trouble deciding between two options, then might we suggest you leave it up to the gods of fate to decide.

This Schrodinger’s Cat decision maker is a perfect gift for any executive. Leave the tough decisions to this cool cat – just ask it any yes or no question, slide the door open and see if the cat is either alive or dead.

Now that the cat has spoken—or not spoken—all that is needed is for you to do its bidding. Always trust the almighty cat, you silly mortal!

5. EdgeWorks Multi-Pen Tool

EdgeWorks Pen Screwdriver Tool

Geek gadgets don’t come any geekier than the EdgeWorks Pen Tool. Everyone needs a toolbox because you never know when you might need to remove some screws or build a house. Of course, a real geek never owns a toolbox. I mean come on, what are you, MacGyver?

Still, having some useful tools at your disposal could come in handy and save your life some day. Enter the EdgeWorks Pen Tool. This nifty geek toy is actually a bunch of tools bundled into one bright yellow case. It’s a pen, stylus, ruler, and screwdriver all in one. It even has a bubble level so you can ensure that all your paintings are perfectly aligned down to centimeters or inches.

Don’t worry about losing it either. Its bright yellow case is designed to stand out from everything else. It’ll fit in your pocket, backpack, glove compartment box, briefcase, basically any place a regular pen might fit.

6. Pocket Pi

Pocket Pi

Here’s something incredibly useless or useful, depending on how you look at it. Ask yourself, what’s Pi? No, not pie. Pi as in 3.14159265359. Don’t worry, I looked it up. And yes, I know it goes on much longer than that.

But the point is, how many of you know what Pi is beyond 3.14? I bet most of you can’t tell me the answer. So what happens when life calls upon you to deliver the ancient wisdom of the Greeks? You whip out the Pocket Pi!

This unique tape measure blasts out 400+ digits of Pi’s expansion on one side, and a real tape measure on the other side (in centimeters). It’s a great gift for any math or Greek geek. See what we did there? No? Okay how about this. The Pocket Pi was awarded a 2014 Seal of Excellence by Creative Child Magazine. Now go and get one of these geek toys for your kid.

7. Nineties Nerd Retro Floppy Disk Non-Slip Silicone Drink Coaster Set

Nineties Nerd Retro Floppy Disk Non-slip Silicone Drink Coaster Set by Modern Coaster

Talking about geeky gadgets from the past, here’s a throwback to the nineties – floppy disks. Remember those? I used to carry a bunch of these in school with a total storage space of just 5 to 10 MB. Oh, the good old days of Wolfenstein 3D.

There’s no better way to signal to your co-workers about your geekiness—not to mention age—than a set of floppy disk coasters. In fact, they look so real your co-workers might just mistake them for vintage floppies!

They come with four pre-written labels such as “.com Stock Research,” “Y2K Update”, “Screensaver Collection,” and “Dancing Baby Video.”

These silicone floppy disk coasters are easy to clean and won’t scratch any wood furniture. The silicone material also works great for hot beverages and are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe.

If I were you, I wouldn’t leave these lying around, though. You never know who’s going to swipe them. Which is why you need the next awesome gadget – a sentry turret.

8. Portal 2 Motion Activated Desktop Sentry Turret


For those of you who’ve played Portal 2, one of the most annoying obstacles in the game are the turrets. My personal favorite is the Frankenturret – especially when it falls over and wiggles its legs trying to get up.

Anyway, this officially licensed Portal 2 collectible is a faithful replica of the basic sentry turret. Its motion detectors will automatically open its wings and alert you the moment an intruder approaches it. We’re not talking about some lame beeping sound. This desktop turret actually repeats the exact same sound effects pulled directly from the Portal game.

When the turret detects motion nearby, it’ll exclaim “Target acquired” or “There you are” (among others). Knock it over and it’ll cry out “I don’t hate you” or “Hey, hey, hey!” while vibrating. If you ignore the turret, it simply says “Are you still there?” Pretty neat huh? Now you don’t have to worry about any missing coasters.

9. USB Pet Rock

USB Pet Rock

Here’s something truly vintage – the pet rock reborn as a USB pet! For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Google it. The pet rock is basically a seventies “invention.”

I love vintage stuff, and I love vintage stuff that has been repurposed for modern day use. This USB pet rock plugs into any computer or laptop port and does absolutely nothing! That’s right - it doesn’t make any sound, create any movement or even draw a single watt of electricity from your computer because it’s a rock!

It’s compatible with any operating system and will be compatible with ALL operating systems of the future (as long as they come with a USB port). It will always love you and make you smile. It will never judge, never question, never worry. In fact, why worry about anything? Let your USB pet rock do the worrying for you. C’est la vie!

For those of you who still don’t get it, move along now. The next geek gadget probably makes more sense, oh you sensible human.

10. DCI Matte Black Powder Coated Metal Mathematics Blackboard Pop Quiz Clock


So a stone cold pet rock is too simple for you, eh? You want a real challenge? Something that will truly establish your credibility as a geek? You got it.

This mathematics clock is no ordinary clock. If you can read it, you are definitely a geek. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that you’re a genius!

Each hour is marked by a math problem. Solve it and you solve the greatest riddle of all – time. The question though is this: if you solved the problem, are you still living in the present time? Hmm…

On a side note, I’d highly NOT recommend this clock if you’re the kind who’s always late, or if you can’t do math to save your life.


There you have it, 10 geek toys that make you smile, watch over you, help you make decisions, do absolutely nothing and even make you late for appointments. Of course, if you’re an ordinary human being, you wouldn’t have any use for these geeky gadgets. But for the rest of us geeks, or for those of you living with geeks, these toys might just be the perfect geeky gift.

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2016)

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