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Best Standing Desk Reviews
 Best Standing Desk

We humans aren’t meant to be seated. Our ancestors roamed vast prairies on foot. They literally chased down deer and antelope to death for food.

Yet we, who are descended from these very people, while away our days seated at our desks.

Sitting has repeatedly been proven to be harmful to human’s health, and there’s a reason why scientists think it so.

Research increasingly shows that regardless of every other facet of our lives, hours of sitting every day can have detrimental long-term effects on our health.

This means that even if we go to the gym or for a jog after spending the whole day parked in our chairs, it’s not enough to counter the harmful effects of seating.

Studies have shown that sitting for long hours increases the chances of diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer. Sedentary days are also linked with anxiety and sometimes even depression.

Top Sit Stand Desk Reviews 2017 1

Unfortunately, if you’re like most of us, you don’t really have a choice – your work demands that you sit in front of a desk, typing or writing or doing any number of tasks.

Luckily for you, you can still fulfill the obligations of office work without sacrificing your health.

How, you ask?

By getting a standing desk, of course!

A standing desk is an exponential improvement over the traditional desk and chair, since it doesn’t allow you to rest on your butt for the entire day. It's basically a desk that's tall enough for you to use your computer or books on it while standing.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to know what type of standing desk is the best for you, especially if you’re simply a newcomer who doesn’t really know much about the field.

Which is why we’ve cobbled together a buying guide and a list of the ten best standing desks to help you make your choice!

Buying Guide

What exactly should you look at when you’re looking to buy a standing desk? Here are some important distinctions you should know about if you’re new to the world of standing desks:

Height Adjustment

Standing desks come in two types when categorized according to height adjustment: fixed and adjustable-height desks.

Fixed-height standing desks are usually much cheaper than adjustable-height desks, but they offer less customization. If you buy a fixed-height desk that doesn’t align with your height, you’ll be ergonomically disadvantaged.

Best Standing Desk

Adjustable-height desks are, just as their name suggest, adjustable. The advantage with this is that different people can use the same desk - something that's simply impossible with fixed-height desks. You can also set them to the exact height you require, ensuring that you’re always at your ergonomic best.

Manual vs. Electric

If you've decided to go for an adjustable-height standing desk, you'll need to choose between a manual and an electric desk.

Electric adjustable-height standing desks are costlier, but they offer much more convenience and functionality. They also occupy a spectrum of functionality, with some of the more expensive ones even featuring the ability to be hooked up to a treadmill to create a treadmill desk.

Manual height-adjustable standing desks require a bit of cranking and aren't as fancy as their electric counterparts, but they get the job done well enough.

Add-ons and Attachments

Best Standing Desk Top Sit Stand Desk Reviews 2017

If you want to test out a standing desk without investing much money, you can go for standing desk add-ons and attachments. These are nifty platforms that you attach to your normal desk which allow you to use your traditional desk as a standing desk.

Later on, if you find the concept a worthy one, you can go all in and buy a complete standing desk, or you can continue using the add-on if you like it!

In fact, all the desks we’re looking at today are add-ons that you can place on top of your normal work desks.

On-desk attachments also run the gamut from cheap and minimalist to pricey and well-equipped. Make your choice wisely, as you'll probably be using the attachment you buy for a long, long time.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of standing desks on the market, let's move on to our top ten list of the best standing desks in the market right now.

Best Recommended Standing Desks

1. VARIDESK Cube Corner 36


The VARIDESK is a fully functional height-adjustable standing desk. Whether you want one for your cubicle in the office or for home use, the VARIDESK will have your back.

First of all, the VARIDESK is built following a special design that allows it to fit in cubicles. While many office workers complain about their desks not fitting in their office cubicles, you definitely won't find yourself complaining about that if you get the VARIDESK.

The VARIDESK has a two-tier design: the lower tier is for your keyboard and mouse, while the spacious upper tier can allow you to fit two desktop monitors.

The desk is height-adjustable to eleven different positions. While it's not infinitely adjustable, you should find at least one out of the eleven different heights that suits you just fine.

The VARIDESK features a spring-loaded lifting mechanism that allows you to change its height quickly and easily. This means that you can shift from standing to sitting if you get too tired, or vice versa if you get too comfortable.


The mechanism is also pretty simple to use, so you don’t need to worry about putting in too much effort, if that’s an issue – maybe if you’ve got a shoulder injury or something like that.

What’s more, the VARIDESK doesn’t require any assembly. Just remove it from the box and set it up the way you like – no tools, assembly, or work required.

Features at a Glance

  • Two-tier design
  • 11 different height adjustment positions
  • ​Easy-to-use and effortless spring-loaded lifting mechanism
  • ​No assembly or installation required

2. FlexiSpot 35" Wide Platform Height Adjustable Standing Desk Riser

FlexiSpot 35 Wide Standing Desk Riser

The FlexiSpot adjustable desk is pretty spacious and is a great standing desk for any purpose.

The FlexiSpot has a gas spring hovering system that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the workstation for either standing or sitting purposes.

A slight squeeze of the handle is all you need to make the adjustment – no strenuous physical effort required.

The desk moves directly up and down, which means it requires no extra space to be raised or lowered. Some other desks require you to make spatial accommodations since they need extra side space when adjusted.

The desk also has a large and spacious workstation with a wide keyboard tray. 35 inches is more than enough for your monitor while still leaving room for other personal effects. The two-tier design ensures that you have the maximum space available on your workstation.

You can adjust the FlexiSpot to twelve different positions that range from low to high. While the FlexiSpot isn’t infinitely adjustable either, you’re sure to find a position that suits your height and posture.

FlexiSpot 35 Wide Standing Desk Riser 1

The desk supports up to 35 pounds of weight, verified by extensive testing done by the manufacturer. In fact, each desk is subjected to six thousand height adjustments as a fatigue test.

Features at a Glance

  • Easy height-adjustment
  • 12 different adjustment positions
  • ​Straight up and down movement
  • ​Desk attachment
  • High-quality construction
  • Large work surface

3. X-Elite – Stand Steady Standing Desk

X Elite Stand Steady Standing Desk 1

The X-Elite is another phenomenal standing desk add-on.

It’s incredibly easy to use, requiring only seconds to move vertically. The switching system uses an air pump system which allows you to adjust the desk in as little as three seconds, allowing seamless transitions from sitting to standing and back.

The X-Elite is infinitely adjustable, meaning you can adjust it to any point between seven to sixteen inches in the standing position. The sitting height, however, is fixed to 2.5 inches.

The X-Elite standing desk can handle up to twenty pounds, so don’t drop something too heavy on it! Its workstation has plenty of room, measuring 28x20 inches.

You may need to take some care when pulling the desk surface down for the first time, as it may fall a bit quickly. You’ll quickly get the hang of it, however.

The desk doesn’t require any assembly either. Just place it on your desk, set up whatever you want on it, and you’ll be good to go!

X Elite Stand Steady Standing Desk

You can get the X-Elite standing desk in three colors: maple, cherry, and white. However, the desk is liable to scuffing, so you may want to opt for a darker color if aesthetics is really important to you.

Features at a Glance

  • Air pump system allows vertical movement in seconds
  • Infinitely adjustable between 7 to 16 inches
  • ​Available in three colors
  • ​Requires no assembly or installation

4. VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

VIVO’s adjustable standing desk comes with a number of features, but does it accomplish what it set out to do? Let’s find out.

The adjustable standing desk allows you to transition between sitting and standing smoothly. You can adjust the height using a pressure handle that connects to the internal spring mechanism.

The desk can be adjusted to any height between six to seventeen and a half inches, allowing you to adjust it to the exact height that you need – making it much more specific than the standing desks that lock you to a fixed set of positions.

The desk measures 23.5” x 15.5”, providing you with plenty of space for your personal effects. In fact, you can easily squeeze a dual monitor setup onto the desk without much trouble.

The VIVO has two tiers. The lower tier is for a keyboard and mouse, and has a plush wrist pad built in to reduce stress on your wrists. The upper tier is for your monitors and other personal effects. Of course, you can set up the tiers however you want.

Finally, the desk’s base is covered with non-slip pads which serve dual functions: keeping the desk in place and protecting surfaces from scratches and scuffs.

VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk 1

You should know that the desk requires installation, so you may have to break out some of your DIY tools if you don’t want to pay extra for installation.

Features at a Glance

  • Quick and easy transition
  • Spacious working area
  • ​Dual tier design
  • ​Anti-slip pads on the base
  • Adjustable between 6” and 17.5”

5. Halter ED-600 Pre-Assembled Height Adjustable Desk

Halter ED 600 Height Adjustable Desk

The Halter ED-600 is a pre-assembled height adjustable desk add-on that’s really good.

The ED-600 features squeeze handles that you can use to transition from sitting to standing positions quickly.

It uses gas spring technology to allow you to transition in seconds, enabling you to switch positions without needing to break concentration on your work.

The Halter is also infinitely adjustable, allowing you to set it to any height less than seventeen inches, which is the desk’s maximum height. It can support up to almost 90 pounds of weight, so you don’t need to worry about your new desk breaking when you put your monitor on it.

The desk comes in a standard size that will allow it to fit in most offices or cubicles – but don’t forget to double-check the measurements to avoid getting a nasty surprise when your brand new height-adjustable desk comes in.

It also has a two-tier design, allowing you to segregate your keyboard and mouse from your monitor. The keyboard tray is large enough to enable you to use an extra-size keyboard while still retaining space for your mouse.

Halter ED 600 Height Adjustable Desk 1

Since the desk is preassembled, you don’t need to do any assembly or installation. Simply place the ED-600 on your desk, and you’ll be good to go.

Features at a Glance

  • Gas spring technology
  • Easy to switch positions
  • ​Infinitely adjustable up to 17 inches
  • ​Two-tier design
  • Large keyboard tray
  • Pre-assembled desk precludes assembly hassles

6. The UpTrak Metro Pro Sit/Stand Standing Desk

The UpTrak Metro Pro SitStand Standing Desk

If you’re looking for one of the best sit-stand desks on the market right now, look no further! The UpTrak Metro Pro is a well-equipped and helpful standing desk that will make your life a lot easier.

To begin with, the desk can be adjusted between 1.5 to 18.5 inches of height. Whether you’re super tall or vertically challenged, you’ll definitely find the right height for you. You also get a 22-inch wide workspace – large enough for a monitor and keyboard configuration.

The UpTrak also features a spring lift which allows you to change the height. Two levers located on the sides lock the desk to the exact height of your preference.

The UpTrak is lightweight yet sturdy. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel parts, the desk will securely support your setup while not requiring too much effort to adjust or maneuver it around. It feels solid and won’t crack or break easily like cheaper models usually do.

The UpTrak Metro Pro SitStand Standing Desk 1

While it does require some assembly, it’s quick and easy to do and shouldn’t take you more than ten minutes.

Features at a Glance

  • Large height range
  • Spring lift allows easy height adjustment
  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Durable
  • Affordable price

7. Vertical Vitality Slider

Vertical Vitality Slider

The Vertical Vitality Slider is a simple and minimalistic add-on that will turn your normal desk into a sit-stand desk.

The Slider aims to make standing while working as easy for you as possible while allowing you to take a break and sit down when you’re tired.

The Slider is lightweight and durable, allowing you to move it with ease. Even though it doesn’t have a dual-tier design, it’s spacious enough to hold a monitor-keyboard configuration.

One of the best things about the Slider is that it doesn’t take much space, allowing you to put it anywhere you want – whether it’s a tiny office cubicle or a cozy home-based workspace.

Setting the Slider up is very easy and takes less than a minute. You can transport it with you easily, saving you the trouble of buying two different adjustable desks for your home and workplace.

The desk supports up to 25 lbs. and can be adjusted to any height between 10.5 to 17.25 inches.

Vertical Vitality Slider 1

Finally, the Vertical Vitality Slider requires some assembly, so you may want to move on if you’re not the DIY type or just don’t want to go through the hassle.

Features at a Glance

  • Affordable add-on
  • Lightweight and durable
  • ​Quick and easy setup
  • ​Supports up to 25lbs
  • Infinitely adjustable between 10.5 to 17.25 inches

8. AmazonBasics Height Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Converter

AmazonBasics Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter

If you’ve ever heard of Amazon’s proprietary brand, you probably know that AmazonBasics’ products are usually affordable and provide great value for your money. This AmazonBasics desk is no different – a minimalistic desk at a reasonable price.

The AmazonBasics sits two inches above your table surface and can be adjusted to any height between six to twenty inches. Twenty inches should be enough for you, even if you’re a Game of Thrones character who only says 'Hodor.'

It’s notably easy to use, requiring you to release the handbrake lever and position it to the required height.

The AmazonBasics standing desk ships with two stick-on clips for cord management. If you’ve ever used a standing desk for your setup, you know how frustrating it can be having your wires getting in the way of the lifting mechanism.

In fact, many standing desk owners have complained about their wires getting cut and split after being pinched by the lifting mechanism, which is what makes the cord management clips so awesome.

The desk can handle up to 20 lbs. of weight and is rigid when locked in place. It’s even strong enough to let you lean on it a bit. Its work surface is approximately 19.5” by 31.5”, giving you more than enough room for a monitor and keyboard configuration.

The desk ships when fully assembled and requires no assembly or installation.

AmazonBasics Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Converter 1

You also get a one-year limited warranty on the desk, ensuring you’ll be well looked after in case your adjustable desk has some kind of defect.

Features at a Glance

  • Adjustable from six to twenty inches in height
  • Easy to use
  • ​20 lbs. weight capacity
  • ​Two cord management clips included
  • ​No assembly required
  • 1-year limited warranty

9. AirRise Pro – Standing Desk Converter

AirRise Pro Standing Desk Converter

The AirRise Pro is another standing desk converter that gives you great value for your money.

It has a two-tier design, allowing you to place your keyboard and mouse separate from your monitor and giving you much more space on your standing desk.

The desk uses pneumatic technology with an integrated air cylinder that allows you to smoothly adjust its height using a handle on the side as fast as you need to.

It’s also made to be stable and durable, ensuring that your entire setup doesn’t tip over when you raise it to its highest level. The desk is made of durable steel and looks and feels quite sturdy.

The AirRise Pro can be set to any position between the lowest and the highest height.

The desk comes in three different color versions: teak, black, and white. Feel free to buy the one that suits your room the best.

AirRise Pro Standing Desk Converter 1

The AirRise Pro comes fully assembled and requires no assembly or installation on your part.

Features at a Glance

  • Pneumatic height adjustment technology
  • Infinitely adjustable
  • ​Stable and durable
  • ​Three different color versions
  • No assembly required

10. CubeFit Standing Desk

CubeFit Standing Desk

The CubeFit standing desk is a good all-around standing desk that easily makes it onto the list of the best standing desks.

It has a two-tier design but is optimized to handle both laptops and desktop configurations. If you have a desktop, you’ll be able to place your monitor on the top tier and the keyboard and mouse on the lower one.

The two tiers can be adjusted independently, allowing you to choose precisely what height you want for both tiers.

CubeFit Standing Desk

The CubeFit sit-stand desk is sturdy enough to stay balanced even with a monitor on top of it and has a small enough footprint to fit on all desks without sacrificing much space for other items.

It can hold up to 25lbs, but raising and lowering the desk at that weight might prove slightly troublesome.

The desk can be adjusted to any height between ten and eighteen inches, which should be enough for you - unless you’re super tall.

The desk requires some assembly, so you’ll have to break out the tools before you’re able to set it up and use it.

Finally, CubeFit has a refund policy that will see you get your money back within ninety days of purchase if you’re not fully satisfied with your product.

CubeFit Standing Desk 1

Features at a Glance

  • Separately adjustable dual-tier design
  • Infinitely adjustable between 10” and 18”
  • ​Can support up to 25lbs
  • ​Requires assembly
  • Ninety-day refund policy

Final Thoughts

Now that we’re done with our list of the best standing desks on the market, we have to make our choice. Which standing desk, in our opinions, is the best of the best?

Granted, they’re all really good, but is there one that seems to be better than the rest?

In our opinion, it’s the CubeFit. The CubeFit is a phenomenal standing desk, and its low price makes it even better! It’s got a huge number of features, but the clincher is the separately adjustable dual-tier design.

However, you need to keep in mind that the best standing desk for us may not be the best for you, so do your research before making a choice for yourself.

Happy hunting!

(Last Updated On: June 6, 2017)
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