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Best Lego Set Reviews

East or west, LEGO is the best.

LEGO is a company that has been collecting licenses for years, allowing it to manufacture sets for worlds that it didn’t create, and rising hand in hand with other creative franchises. From Star Wars to the Marvel Universe, LEGO’s star shines as bright as its partners’.

The LEGO Movie and, before that, the LEGO series of console games cemented LEGO’s position as the top dog in the building sets business.

LEGO Tower Bridge 10214

But people rarely think of all that - whether you’re a 5-year-old or a middle-aged CEO, few things compare to the thrill of creating your very own world from scratch. Skeptics may call LEGO sets toys, and that’s exactly what they are!

Now, with the release of the LEGO Batman Movie, it’s time to refresh our memories, embrace our inner children, enlist our actual children, and bring out the LEGO sets to play.

LEGO is a fun activity that can help bring you closer to your kids while also helping them develop vital critical and analytical skills and fostering their creativity. It is a true all-around winner.

And if you’re out of LEGO sets to use and play with, below is a list of the top ten LEGO sets that you can find on the market right now.

A quick note before we start: we don’t have any collectors’ items on our list. While some sets on our list aren’t that common, true collector’s sets are usually very expensive and much harder to find.

Let’s begin!

Top-Rated LEGO Sets - Comparison Chart

Best LEGO Set Reviews

1. LEGO Minecraft 21128 The Village Building Kit

LEGO Minecraft 21128 The Village Building Kit

What better way to combine twin loves of Minecraft and LEGO than by spending time on a LEGO Minecraft set?

With this set, your child can create and enjoy a life of adventure in a busy Minecraft village. It’s a hive of activity, featuring infrastructures like a library, blacksmith, butcher, and a marketplace. You also get an iron golem who will patrol your city and allow your fictional residents to feel safe from zombies and destructive mobs.

The set comes with 4 different characters: Steve, Alex, a zombie, and a zombie villager. You also get pieces for a creeper, enderman, pig and baby pig, iron golem, and 2 villagers (a librarian and a farmer).

LEGO Minecraft 21128 The Village Building Kit 2

You can do a lot with this set, from growing crops and building structures to defending your village against attacks by creepers, endermen, and myriad zombie creatures.

The sets also have several secret features that your kid can incorporate in his storylines – like trap doors and booby traps.

And of course, if you’ve got any other LEGO Minecraft sets, you can create crossover stories involving characters from other sets. Or you could uproot both sets and create a completely new LEGO set involving selected elements from each.

All in all, this LEGO set will give your kid hours and hours of fun. While it’s recommended for children between 8-15 years old, you should probably go with a set similar to what your child currently plays with.

2. LEGO Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout 75919 Building Kit

LEGO Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout 75919 Building Kit

The Indominus Rex Breakout is a tie-in to the Jurassic Park franchise and is a great LEGO set for children who have some love for dinosaurs.

The LEGO set contains an impound, a helicopter, a gyrosphere, and a dinosaur. The impound features a tower which has a fully functional research lab inside. The research lab contains amber with dinosaur-DNA in it, a syringe, a dino pen with a feeding crane, and a pallet.

LEGO Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout 75919 Building Kit 2

The impound also has breakout and gyrosphere launch functions, and a few other accessories like chicken legs and plants.

The gyrosphere can be used for transporting your in-game characters. Regarding characters, the set comes with 4 mini figures: Zach, and ACU trooper, a vet, and Dr. Wu.

The set’s theme is that of an escaped dinosaur which must be found and captured before it causes any destruction. You use the helicopter to follow the dinosaur and find a way to get the dinosaur back into the impound.

Or your child could whip out a few other LEGO sets and create a mishmash of storylines and franchises. With such games, the only limit that exists is that of creativity.

The set is meant for children between the ages of seven to twelve, although you should go with what your child plays with currently when deciding which age group’s set you want to buy.

The Indominus Rex Breakout set is astonishingly well-detailed and well thought out. It will provide your child month's worth of fun and games.

3. LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Building Kit

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Building Kit

The LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon building kit is the perfect gift for any child who’s a great fan of Star Wars. And let’s be real here – which child doesn’t love Star Wars?

The Millennium Falcon Building kit is made of a completely synthetic material which is either made in the USA or imported.

As is common with such sets, the Millennium Falcon building kit is extremely well-detailed and contains secret features including hidden compartments where you can hide cargo or weapons.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 Building Kit 2

The ship itself is more streamlined and detailed than previous versions. It includes a detachable cockpit where you can cram 2 mini figures, rotating laser turrets on the top and bottom which have a hatch and enough space for a single mini figure, 2 spring-loaded shooters, a sensor dish, a ramp, and an entrance hatch.

And that’s just the shell of the ship. The hull plates have even more detail and features like the main hold with seating space and a holochess board, an incredibly detailed hyperdrive, a hidden compartment, and several extra boxes and cables that include storage for ammo for the spring-loaded shooters.

The set also comes with six mini figures which hold various weapons. The figures are Rey, Finn, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Tasu Leech, a Kanjiklub gang member, and an Astromech BB-8 droid.

The building kit is marketed to kids between 9 and 14 years, but if your child has been finishing lower-level sets extremely easily, it may be time for an upgrade!

4. LEGO Creator Expert Santa's Workshop

LEGO Creator Expert Santa's Workshop

The LEGO Creator Expert Santa’s workshop is one of the best Christmas themed presents to get your tiny tot.

It features an attractive sleigh detailed in red and gold, 4 reindeer, a baby reindeer, green padding, a Christmas tree, and a building with an intricately designed interior. The building also has Christmas lights on the roof in addition to the stained glass the windows are made of.

You also get a few accessories like 4 wrapped presents of various sizes and 4 toys which include a spaceship, a pink wand, and a yellow car.

LEGO Minecraft 21128 The Village Building Kit 2

The set also has a few extras, such as a sign showing you that you’re in the North Pole, a sign for Santa’s workshop, and a picture of Santa and Mrs. Claus on summer holiday.

The set comes with six mini figures: Santa and his gift sack, Mrs. Claus with her cookie tray, and 4 elves wearing hats that fail to cover their pointy ears.

There’s no better way to get your child acquainted with Christmas traditions than to build this set together with them. Show them how the elves make the required toys, how the reindeer need to be fed, and how the ‘magical sleigh’ has to be loaded up.

The set is marketed for children ages twelve and up, and it’s a great way to familiarize kids with the wondrous and magical time of Christmas.

5. LEGO Simpsons 71006 The Simpsons House

LEGO Simpsons 71006 The Simpsons House

The Simpsons is one of the most popular television shows of this century, so it stands to reason that there’s a LEGO set for that as well.

The LEGO Simpsons house is an intricate and well-detailed LEGO set, containing loads of features and mini figures that will give your child days and days of fun – without even having to use their own imagination. Once they’re done following the instructions, they can take off on immeasurable flights of fancy.

The set comes with six different minifigures: Homer, Lisa, Bart, Marge, Maggie, and finally, Ned Flanders.

LEGO Simpsons 71006 The Simpsons House 2

The central component of the set is the huge house. You can remove the home’s roof and top floor to gain access to interior rooms.

The house is hinged and can be split into two to gain easier access to inner rooms.

Each room in the house is furnished and fitted with the detail we’ve come to expect from LEGO. From the fully-fitted kitchen to the living room complete with couch and TV, the house has everything you need to recreate endless scenes from the popular TV show.

You also get a LEGO-sized Simpsons’ family car where you can fit in 4 mini figures. The car’s trunk opens, and you can stash in Homer’s suitcase and a glowing radioactive bar that originated from the nuclear plant (longtime Simpsons’ fans know what I’m talking about, right?).

The set is marked ages 12 and up but can be used by everyone. The sheer amount of detail and different components in the set will allow you to set up an almost infinite number of situations – your imagination is the only limit!

6. LEGO City Trains Cargo Train 60052 Building Toy

LEGO City Trains Cargo Train 60052 Building Toy

If your young one has ever shown interest in trainspotting or trains in general, the LEGO Cargo Train building toy will be perfect for them!

The building toy is basically a train station containing all the infrastructure and machinery you’d expect at a cargo train station. It also has a set of railway tracks that your tiny tot can use when recreating his fantasies using his LEGO set.

The set comes with a cargo train station that contains a crane equipped with a hook for loading and unloading cargo. It also has a freight train comprised of a locomotive, a cattle wagon, and a fuel wagon.

LEGO City Trains Cargo Train 60052 Building Toy 2

You even get a cable drum wagon, a wide truck, a forklift, and a set of curved and straight rails.

The train is remote-controlled and can be adjusted to move at one of seven speeds using the included control. You can attach the cattle wagon and cargo wagons to the locomotive and move them around the tracks.

The forklift is used to safely transport pallets from the truck to the wagon. You can move cargo from one point to another using the crane at the station.

The set has tons of things to do, and no train enthusiast will run out of tasks when playing with this set. You also get 4 mini figures: the forklift driver, truck driver, train driver, and farmer. There are also loads of other accessories in the set - your kid will still be discovering new ones days after opening the set.

The set is marketed for children between 6 and 12 years of age.

7. LEGO Ideas 21305 Maze Building Kit

LEGO Ideas 21305 Maze Building Kit

What’s something that always fascinates kids? Mazes!

And while it’s dangerous and reckless to let a kid wander through an actual maze, helping them build their own maze using a LEGO set is a creativity-enhancing experience, especially when it’s paired with a game.

The maze building set allows you to create either classical or medieval style mazes.

LEGO Ideas 21305 Maze Building Kit 2

The classical style maze includes start tiles that are green, finish tiles that are red, and dividers for creating the actual maze.

The medieval style maze includes various buildable cottages, an archway and a castle, and dividers and trees for constructing the maze walls.

Mazes can be built to be as simple or challenging as you want them to be.

The purpose of the finished game is to maneuver an included ball through the maze successfully. The set has wheels on the side, so you can tilt the maze and try to guide the balls past the obstacles. It’s much trickier than it sounds, especially since the ball will often get stuck in the gaps between LEGO blocks.

The building kit comes with a booklet that contains instructions on creating both types of mazes. It also includes optional variations that your child can put in place if they’re getting bored with the main maze styles.

The maze is aimed at kids older than ten, and will definitely provide hours of fun.

8. LEGO Creator 10232 Palace Cinema

LEGO Creator 10232 Palace Cinema

Is your child interested in both movies and medieval fairy-tale style castles? If so, the LEGO Creator Palace Cinema will be perfect for them!

The set’s premise is that of premiere night at a fancy cinema – the Palace Cinema. The central fixture of the set is the cinema itself, a 2-story building with an intricate lobby, theater with a huge screen, and six reclining seats on which you can rest mini figures. The lobby is highly detailed, containing a ticket area and a concession stand.

The cinema also has rooftop decorations, entrance doors made of brick, a sidewalk, sign frontage, and posters.

Speaking of mini figures, you get six different ones: chauffeur, child actress, male guest, female guest, cinema worker, and photographer.

You also get a classic limousine with a red baseplate and different colored pieces. You can transport the child star around using the limo, or switch roles and make the actress drive the chauffeur around!

The Palace Cinema set is part of LEGO’s modular buildings collection. If you get the entire collection, you can build an entire LEGO town.

The set is marketed at children older than 16 years old, but younger children will also have loads of fun playing around with the set.

9. LEGO City Trains High-speed Passenger Train 60051 Building Toy

LEGO City Trains High Speed Passenger Train 60051 Building Toy

The second train-based LEGO set on our list, the LEGO City Trains High-speed Passenger Train building toy is a LEGO set built around the concept of passenger trains.

The centerpiece of the set is the passenger train which contains 3 different cars of different proportions. There’s also a waystation which has a tiny platform containing 2 seats, a train service map, a warning sign, a crossing, and lights for the crossing.

You also get 16 curved rail tracks and 4 straight ones. When assembled, the track is completely circular.

LEGO City Trains High Speed Passenger Train 60051 Building Toy 2

You are provided with 3 mini figures: the train driver, a traveler, and a cyclist. You also get a cycle on which you can place the cyclist.

The train itself is motorized and can be controlled using a remote control. The train can be set to any one of seven speeds. The front car has a removable roof which you can use to place the driver in his seat. Passenger cars can be opened to put travelers inside.

The waystation is meant for picking up passengers while the cyclist can be made to wait at the crossing for the train to pass.

The rear cars on the train are highly detailed. They contain chairs, tables, and even a crew cabin in the last car. You can move things around as you wish and place different mini figures in various positions.

You can also order additional tracks and functioning headlights from LEGO, so you may consider buying those if you want a more complete experience for your child.

The set is marketed at children between the ages of 6 to 12.

10. LEGO Tower Bridge 10214

LEGO Tower Bridge 10214

The Tower Bridge in London is incredibly famous – few people wouldn’t know it by sight. The LEGO Tower Bridge is the LEGO version of that selfsame bridge, designed to appeal to your child’s imagination and bring out their creativity.

The set consists of sections which connect solidly but can be taken apart for portability.

The bridge contains the iconic dual towers and a fully-functioning drawbridge that opens and closes. There are also 4 vehicles included: a traditional English double-decker bus, a green automobile, a yellow truck, and a black London cab.

LEGO Tower Bridge 10214 2

The set is made for children over 16 years of age, but younger children will also have lots of fun playing about and experimenting with it.

However, the best way to build this set is as a family as it is quite challenging and will require a lot of brainstorming and trial and error. The LEGO pieces are stored in bags which are not numbered, so sorting the pieces will take much your time and energy.

Just to give you some idea of the scale, the set contains 4,295 different elements, so you can understand why it would take so long to sort and organize the different pieces.

The instruction booklets (yes, there’s more than one) are fully colored and contain detailed illustrations that will make building the set much easier.

The Tower Bridge set can be an excellent family project that will give your family time for bonding and loads of fun in the process.

Final Thoughts

LEGO Minecraft 21128 The Village Building Kit

We’ve already compiled a list of the ten best LEGO sets, but is there any one of them that we prefer over the others?

Unfortunately, we can’t give you a concrete answer to this question. All the sets are absolutely phenomenal, and it makes no sense to elevate one over the others, especially when they are so similar in function.

However, we can tell you that the best set to buy is the one that your kid is most interested in.

Sounds like common sense, right?

Unfortunately, many people ignore that and buy sets based on their price (which may be a reasonable consideration) or their complexity and number of elements (not so reasonable).

LEGO Simpsons 71006 The Simpsons House

Remember that for children, a toy is a toy regardless of the number of pieces in it. I remember when I used to play with LEGOs – I used to create elaborate fantasies and storylines using the most basic of sets. I could even use the same set a hundred times, each time in a different context.

The only exception to this is if you’re buying a set to complete as a family project, in which case you should look for harder and more complex sets to build.

So, forget all other considerations and buy your kid what they love! They’ll thank you for it.

Happy hunting!

(Last Updated On: September 21, 2017)
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