25+ Best Elf on the Shelf Clothing and Accessories to Brighten Your Holidays

Best Elf On The Shelf Clothing Accessories
Rockin’ Reindeer Skirt Claus Couture Collection

Jazz up your Elf with this reindeer skirt (instead of poodle skirt...see what they did there???) and matching saddle-shoe socks.

The Reason For The Season Sweater

This handmade fleece sweater reminds your little ones who really is the "Reason for the Season."

Elf Baby

Everyone knows that life is better with a baby. Or two. Maybe three? Anyway, grab a baby for your Elf!

Twirling In The Snow Skirts Claus Couture Collection

You get both the candy cane stripe skirt and the arctic blue skirt with white polka dots. Who says elfs aren't fashionable?!

Sweet Shop Set Claus Couture Collection

An elf in the kitchen? Yes, please. Help mix up some cookies for Santa in this tiny apron with the elf-sized bowl and spoon.

Cookies For Elf On A Shelf Doll

Don't spend all that time mixing with your elf without reaping the benefits. Santa loves tiny cookies, too!

Sweet Tees Multipack Claus Couture Collection

This set of 3 tiny elf shirts Includes these tees: "It's Always Hot Cocoa Time" tee, "Candy Canes Rule" tee, and Elf Pets Reindeer tee. Oh, and don't forget the suitcase to keep them all in!

Shark Elf On The Shelf Costume

Look out! It's a shark! No, wait. It's just your elf all decked up in this awesome shark costume. You know you want it...

Rudolph Costume

Rudolph makes red noses so cool. The antlers are an essential part of this reindeer costume. Elf, won't you guide my sleigh?

Jingle Jam Hoodie Claus Couture Collection

Jingle bells ROCK! Let your elf be cool in this jingle jam hoodie with accompanying tiny headphones.

Thanksgiving Turkey Outfit

How early do you bring your elf out? Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity when your elf is a turkey!

Dazzling Dress Claus Couture Collection

Elves can be ice queens too, especially in this dazzling dress. Show off those elf legs!

Peppermint Princess Gown Claus Couture Collection

What's a princess without a crown? You don't have to worry about that with this crown and peppermint princess get-up.

Grinch Sweater

You're a mean one, Mr. Elf. I mean, Mr. Grinch. It's a holiday classic on a green fleece sweater.

Dapper Tuxedo Claus Couture Collection

The dapper tuxedo goes perfectly with the dazzling dress. The elves will be ready to step out in style!

Prince Shirt

It's going to be a purple Christmas! If you love Prince (of course you do), then you need this shirt with The Artist's logo on it.

If You Give An Elf A Cookie

Based on the super popular book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, this set is perfect for your elf. It comes with a mouse-eared cookie hat and, of course, a cookie.

Holiday Hula Wear Claus Couture Collection

Aloha 'oe! Christmas in Hawaii sounds great to me! This holiday hula wear will make you feel warm all over.

Caroling In The Raincoat Claus Couture Collection

For those rainy days, this cheerful yellow raincoat and rainboot set is idea for your elf on the shelf.

Winter Wonderland Elf Outfits

Winter is coming! These adorable winter wonderland elf outfits will bring a smile to anyone's face.

Christmas Elf Door

Obviously elves don't use human doors to get in and out of buildings. These doors can be enhanced with optional add-ons for a wreath or cute little elf doormats.

Elf Mermaid Merman Tails

Mermaid tails. I mean, do we need to say more? Help your elf's mermaid/merman dreams come true with these colorful tails.

Sleeping Bag Christmas Accessory

It's way easier to travel and sleep in comfort with a tiny sleeping bag!

Graphic Tee Multipack Express Yourself Claus Couture Collection

You get 3 elf-sized t-shirts and a keepsake suitcase. Includes: "Express YoursELF" tee, Elf Pets Reindeer tee, and "My Other Ride is a Sleigh" tee.

Elf Christmas Tree

Ask yourself this...How has your elf been celebrating Christmas without an elf Christmas tree?!

Elf Dragon Costume Accessory Elf Dragon Wings Outfit

How to Train Your Elf Dragon sounds like this winter's hot new blockbuster! Choose from green or purple dragon wings and tail.

Ninja Turle Single Set

Teenage Mutant Ninja...um...Elf? YES! Why not? Pick your favorite TMNT mask color. The set includes ONE mask and one shell.

Elf Wizard Costume

The wizard hat is very...um...wizardy. And the star-shaped tiny bag is great for carrying your elf's other accessories around.

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(Last Updated On: December 21, 2017)
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