August 1st 2017 Free Xbox ‘Games With Gold’ Selections

August 1st 2017 Free Xbox Games With Gold Selections

There's still one game from July's Games with Gold available. Runbow is free to own as long as you “buy” it before August 16th. It's a multiplayer competitive platform racing game, and you can see the full review here.

August kicks off with two new games up for grabs. Slime Rancher is a popular sandbox style game where you build up a ranch on a far off planet that's populated by dozens of different slimes.

Bayonetta is an action RPG with a style of its own. If you enjoy hack and slash, with over-the-top animations, then you will love Bayonetta.

Slime Rancher Cover

Slime Rancher

Available August 1 – August 31

If you can't already guess from the title, your job in this game is to manage a ranch. The particular creatures you will be looking after aren't horses, cattle, or sheep, though. In Slime Rancher you capture, feed, and breed Slimes.

Like many farmers before you, you'll discover the wondrous value of

You use their poop (called Plorts) to buy upgrades for your farm, and you can also use it to create new breeds of slimes.

I'm glad there's some form of breeding like this as when I first saw the title I thought it might be some sort of spin off to Monster Rancher (a monster breeding, fighting series) and I was disappointed.

The game play is from a first person perspective and feels very arcadey. To get your first slimes, you need to venture out into the wilderness to find and capture new slimes.

Slime Rancher SS02

You will use your vacuum-like weapon to suck things in like slimes and food to feed them, while you can also use the same items as ammunition to defeat bosses.

The more you explore and experiment, the more you will be rewarded. Different slimes will show up depending on the day/night cycle, and they each have their own idiosyncrasies to discover.

Slime Rancher SS01

Slime Rancher has a very sandbox approach to things, and if you enjoy doing your own thing and discovering through exploring, then you should enjoy Slime Rancher a lot.

There's no point to the game beyond that. You might find it relaxing and fun, or you might find it empty and boring. Seeing as it's free, it's definitely worth downloading to see if it's something you'll enjoy because if it is, you'll love it.

Bayonetta Cover



Available August 1 – August 15

Bayonetta is an action RPG with a difference. You play as Bayonetta, a voluptuous Witch who's made a deal with demons, which is the primary source of her power.

It's unlikely you have played a game like it before due to the increasingly over-the-top spectacles and events that unfold in the story. This could have been the gimmick that the game was based around, but thankfully it's just the padding around a great and intuitive combat system.

The combat is a lot of fun, and you don't feel like the game is cheating when you're hit. You get hit because you didn't react in time.

You won't be able to take many hits, so dodging will become your main way of surviving the hordes of angels that you're fighting against.

Dodging at the last possible second will slow down time and allow you to demolish any nearby enemies with a plethora of moves that encourage a risk/reward mechanic.

Bayonetta SS01

Don't get cocky, though, as even the weakest among them can hurt you if you're not careful.

Bayonetta can hold weapons in both hands as well as her feet, and you can perform combos based on the weapons you're equipped with.

Combos require timing and the right button presses, and there's a wide array of them to perform from the get go.

You will need to play through multiple times to get all the weapons and costumes which can extend the life of the game significantly if you're enjoying it.

Bayonetta SS02

What really makes the game great are fun mechanics, like being able to practice your combat in loading screens. This type of thing helps the game immensely.

The whole feel of the game is like one of those anime where powerful characters just get more powerful until they become world destroyers, and it's made for a teenage male audience.

The soundtrack to Bayonetta completes this analogy, and if you've ever watched any “battle” anime then you'll know what to expect here!

(Last Updated On: August 3, 2017)
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