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About Geek and Gadget World

Geek is a four-letter-word that some people are ashamed of. But NOT HERE! We want you to own your status as a gadget-loving geek!

I'm the person who always has to have the latest and the greatest. People often ask me, "Why do you even have that?" But at the same time, it's cool and useful! I know I got this quality from my dad. Growing up, he always loved gadgets, as most men do. But my dad really loved them. He was in the Navy, but he would get an extra part-time job just to support his gadget habit. ​It's okay to have a hobby, as long as you're responsible with it, right? Right.

Who knew that something like gadget-obsession could be passed down from generation to generation? I work hard so that I can afford what I want. And these days, with all of the new technology, gadgets and gizmos are popping up every day!

I wonder if my son will inherit this trait from me? He's only 2, but I suppose time will tell. I love being a mother and a wife. ​It's awesome when my gadgets can help me to be better at both!!!