9 Real Games for the Game of Thrones Lover In You

Real Games For Game Of Thrones Fans

Valar dohaeris. Indeed, all men (all people, really) must serve. That's just a fact of life, along with taxes, and the fact that...well...valar morghulis. My point is that life presents many stressors, including: office politics (and, let's face it, every office has a Littlefinger), mundane tasks, bills (most institutions are about as forgiving as the Iron Bank), incessant meetings, commuting, more bills, etc. At the end of a long day/week, you likely want to relax and have some fun. And, if you got any of the above references, you're probably as much of a Game of Thrones (GoT) geek as I am.

To that end, I have a list of Game of Thrones-themed board games that are sure to keep you and yours entertained until winter finally comes. From updated classics like GoT Clue, to complex games that put you firmly in the shoes of your favorite Lannister (it's Lancel, obviously), there's something here for everyone.

Best Game of Thrones Board Games & Other Activities

Monopoly: Game of Thrones Collector's Edition Board Game

1 Monopoly Game Of Thrones Collector's Edition Board Game

Much like the proverbial "game of thrones," a game of Monopoly is intense, cutthroat, and rife with backstabbing.

If you love Monopoly, the Game of Thrones Collector's Edition of Monopoly is a solid purchase. Featuring custom tokens (Crown, Direwolf, Dragon Egg, The Iron Throne, Three-Eyed Raven and White Walker) and locations from the books/HBO series, all the classic Monopoly gadgets are GoT themed.The rules even come in scroll form (raven not included) should there be a dispute.

Keep a sharp eye on your money, forge alliances, and bankrupt your opponents before they can bankrupt you! NOTE: paying the "iron price" is STRONGLY discouraged.

CLUE: Game of Thrones Board Game

2 CLUE Game Of Thrones Board Game

The classic murder mystery gets a GoT makeover in Game of Thrones CLUE, which features two distinct game boards (Red Keep & Meereen) and twelve playable characters (six per board).

Use deduction and logic as you try to find the murderer and their weapon of choice. Was it Daario with an arakh in the Dragon Catacombs, or was it Tyrion with the crossbow in the Tower of the Hand? Which house is to blame, and who will pay the price? How did Hizdahr Zo Loraq make it into the game!?

Learn the answers to these questions and more (except for that last one) in every game of GoT CLUE.

Game of Thrones: The Trivia Game

3 Game Of Thrones The Trivia Game

Finally, for good and all, you and yours can determine which GoT geek among you deserves to sit atop the Iron Throne! Of trivia. Not the real one, because that'd hurt.

With 1,200 questions pulled from the first four season of the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones Trivia lets you test your knowledge as you try to conquer the board. Reach the top by exploiting alliances and marshaling resources, or win your way to the throne on merit alone, it's your choice. The one with the most territory under their control wins! Games can be broken up by season (for the spoiler-sensitive) or taken as a whole.

Test your prowess and win the day!

Risk: Game of Thrones

4 Risk Game Of Thrones Board Game

If you want a great mix of strategy and mechanical simplicity, Risk is a great pick.

Game of Thrones Risk takes the game of global domination to Westeros (and Essos) with a dual-sided game board and unique rules. Choose one of seven armies, each with their own unique abilities and bonuses. Special character cards add even more excitement and strategy to the game. Amass armies, cultivate resources, and prepare to conquer the Seven Kingdoms! GoT Risk features three modes of play, perfect for short skirmishes or night-long sieges.

If you're looking to unleash your inner Stannis, pick this game up and stake your claim!

Game of Thrones Playing Cards - Second Edition

5 Game Of Thrones Playing Cards Second Edition

While there's nothing inherently wrong with intrigue and cutthroat gameplay, sometimes you just want to play a game of poker.

If standard card games are what you're looking for, the second edition of Game of Thrones playing cards can scratch both your gaming and geek itch. These high-quality playing cards feature images of Davos Seaworth, Brienne of Tarth, Melisandre and more characters from the HBO series on the face and Joker cards. Perfect for home or travel! And, hey, any card game is WAY less complicated than cyvasse.

At under $8, they're great if you want something with a little more "pop" than standard Bicycle deck.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Second Edition

6 A Game Of Thrones The Board Game Second Edition

Based on the original novels, the Game of Thrones board game (second edition, expanded) provides a complex game of cunning and skill.

Designed by the award-winning team at Fantasy Flight Games, the Game of Thrones board game pits you against up to five other players in a bid to win the Iron Throne. Command your armies of footmen, siege engines, knights, and ships as you attempt to best your opponents. Play unique character cards to give yourself a needed edge. March your way across a detailed, source-accurate map of Westeros, forging alliances and eliminating enemies along the way.

Recommended for players aged 13+, this game is a rich, intense game for those who love the thrill of strategy.

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game - Second Edition

7 A Game Of Thrones The Card Game Second Edition

From Fantasy Flight Games comes the second edition of their longest-running living card game (LCG).

The base set accommodates multiplayer games (up to six players) and two-player skirmishes, and can be built upon with expansions. Choose one of eight factions (including Starks, Targaryens, Highgarden, and more), hatch new plots, make new alliances, and issue deadly challenges. Amass gold in order to play more powerful cards. Plus, the various cards and gadgets feature gorgeous original artwork.

For a fast-paced, intense game of strategy without too many moving parts, this card game is perfect for fans and gamers alike.

4D Cityscape Game of Thrones: Westeros Puzzle

8 4D Cityscape Game Of Thrones Westeros Puzzle

Puzzles are perfect for exercising concentration, patience, and attention to detail.

In the case of this Westeros puzzle, they can also lead to building an awesome map! With over 1,400 pieces and three layered levels, this puzzle presents a true challenge to conquer! The base is a 1,000-piece, comprehensive map of Westeros. The next, 200+ layer represents the topography from the HBO series. Finally, the third layer features 3D versions of iconic keeps and castles. And, for the true GoT geek, the puzzle comes with dozens of attachable flags, sigils, and other gadgets.

This isn't a puzzle for a rainy day, this is a puzzle for a rainy SIEGE.

Battles of Westeros

9 Battles Of Westeros

Our third Fantasy Flight entry on the list is perfect for Game of Thrones fans who want to wage large-scale (yet tiny) battles.

The double-sided board foregoes a detailed map of Westeros for two distinct battlefields, upon which up to 138 figures can do battle. In this two-player base set, players choose from House Stark or House Lannister and battle it out with map-spanning armies. Expansions (not included) add House Tully, House Baratheon, and the Brotherhood Without Banners to the battle, each with new effects and map tiles!

Infinitely replayable, this game is sure to scratch your itch for warfare without all the mud and wildfire.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the awesome Game of Thrones-themed games/activities out there, and all of them are bound to give you a great night of gaming.

Just do me a favor: don't pick the Freys. No one likes the Freys. Not even the FREYS like the Freys!

(Last Updated On: December 29, 2016)
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