7 Amazing Gadgets You’ll Want to Buy Right Now!

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Gadgets can make life easier, but could that be said for every device available on the market? Probably not. While some poorly designed gadgets offer not very user-friendly features, others are likely to cause a dent in your budget. Not all gadgets are the same, though, and that’s why we’re presenting some awesome gadgets that are worth every penny here. They have everything including advanced features, stylish appearance, reasonable prices, easy accessibility, and durability. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some amazing gadgets that you should definitely buy.

7 of the Most Awesome Gadgets...

1. LEVO Deluxe Tablet Floor Stand

LEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stand

This intelligently designed yet visually attractive iPad floor stand tops our list of cool gadgets to buy. Exclusively designed for tablet PCs, Fire, Nook, Surface Pro, Xoom, Galaxy, Miix, iPads, New iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and all other eReaders and tablets, the LEVO Deluxe iPad Floor Stand is currently available only in a gunmetal color.

Whether you use your tablet or iPad while lying in bed, sitting, or reclining, the LEVO will keep the device at the ideal viewing angle and height. Use the flip lever to lock your desired height and position. You can quickly change the view from landscape to portrait and vice versa to see the content the way you want.

Its super durable construction protects the eReader or tablet from tipping over. Moreover, you can do anything you want on iPad as the floor stand minimizes bouncing that can be so irritating. When not being used, just swing and fold the LEVO Deluxe to store it conveniently. Get comfortable and tilt, swing, or yaw your device into your desired position with LEVO.

2. Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

This is one of those awesome gadgets that the diehard fans of Star Wars just can’t live without. After all, it serves as a true companion and helps them travel around the galaxy! BB-8 is an app-enabled Droid that is much more than a robot. Designed with adaptive personality, the gadget displays an array of expressions. Your interactions can make it perform different actions and attitudes.

Try giving different voice commands to enjoy its diverse reactions. Yes, it can recognize your voice. Create your own exploration journey, develop holographic recordings, or set the BB-8 to patrol and let it explore on its own. Use your favorite tablet or smartphone to guide the BB-8 Droid.

Want to see this cute little guy in action? Check out this video from Sphero:

3. Amazon Echo

amazon echo

The Amazon Echo is a unique addition to the list of neat gadgets that give you efficient voice control with hands-free convenience. Whether you use Pandora, TuneIn, Spotify, Prime Music, iHeartRadio, or any other music platform, this advanced speaker is designed to play music just from your voice. With far-field voice identification capability, it can hear and recognize your voice from across the room.

Amazon's Echo features beamforming technology and seven microphones. Its perfectly tuned speaker gives you 360-degree immersive sound. “Alexa” is the wake word that you simply have to utter to make Echo respond instantly. The more you use this gadget, the more quickly it will adapt to your personal preferences, vocabulary, and speech patterns.

Some amazing functionalities that give it a great ranking among awesome gadgets are that it can answer questions, report weather and traffic, provide sports schedules and scores, and read the news and audiobooks. You can even use it to control thermostats, switches, and lights as it is compatible with Philips Hue, WeMo, Nest, Wink, Samsung SmartThings, Insteon and other smart home systems.

4. Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker for iOS

Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker for iOS

Compatible with Apple devices, including iPod Touch 5th gen+, iPad mini 1st gen+, iPad 3rd gen+, and iPhones 4S and later, Spire measures your breathing patterns to let you know if you’re calm or nervous. Use it to determine your stress levels, what makes you stressed, and where you are at the time.

It monitors your breathing and gives you a quick feedback to help you enjoy a calm, focused day. Also, it gives you a notification to take it easy and take a deep, relaxing breath.Just clip Spire discreetly onto your bra or belt to track your respiratory patterns, calories, and even the number of steps you take.

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5. Samsung Gear VR – Virtual Reality Headset

Samsung Gear VR - Virtual Reality Headset

Samsung Gear VR brings you mobile virtual reality. Use the gadget to watch recent flicks in your own cinema, play remarkable games, enjoy unlimited apps, or socialize with your friends.

Compatible with numerous phones such as Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy S6 edge+, the VR has a user-friendly touchpad. It also features an excellent field of view, accurate head-tracking capability, and reduced latency.

6. Prynt


If you’re eager to print photos instantly right from your phone, then Prynt is just the gadget you need. Connect it to your phone, capture a photo, create a quick video, and just print it out. Use the Prynt app to preview or edit your pictures - it provides you with free stickers, frames, and custom filters. Above all, these photos are tear and fade-resistant, long-lasting, and have high-resolution colors.

The gadget allows you to save a video within each photo that you can bring back to life when you want. Give the picture to a friend and they can unlock the video easily using the Prynt app.

7. Huawei Watch

Huawei Watch Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Link Band

The Huawei Watch is much more than a time-telling device. This smartwatch is compatible with most devices having Android 4.3, iOS 8.2, or later operating systems. It provides you with alerts and notifications for apps, texts, and calls. Use swappable bands for your own customized style preferences. Designed with fitness tracking capability, the Huawei Watch comes with sensors and heart rate monitor to keep a check on your walking, running, and other activities.

Taking hands-free calls is not a problem anymore as the watch has a built-in speaker. With built-in Google New Voice commands and Wi-Fi, the Huawei Watch lets you respond to texts and emails on the go.

Final Thoughts

So now you know there are many cool gadgets for sale that not only offer exciting features but are also great accessories for unlimited entertainment. Make the best use of your savings and get one of the devices that give you durability, ease of use, and, of course above all - fun!

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2016)
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