4 Secrets to Disguising Your Home Security System

4 Secrets To Disguise Your Home Security System
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Having a home security system helps keep your family safe and your peace of mind stable.

However, for your security system to be most effective at alerting you to intruders or other problems, it's important to disguise or hide elements of your security system.

If your cameras or motion sensors are easily visible, a potential burglar may be able to sneak around the limits of their range. Here are five effective ways to disguise your home's security system.

Use Plants to Your Advantage

Having large potted plants somewhere in the entryway to your home can make disguising your security system a breeze. Both security cameras and motion-sensing devices can easily be hidden behind branches or leaves or even stuck in the middle of the plant. For cameras, however, be sure that the lens isn't blocked by parts of the plant.

Technician Installing Surveillance Camera

Elevate Cameras

One of the best ways to hide security cameras is to simply place them where intruders are less likely to look.

Placing security cameras on your ceiling can make intruders unlikely to spot them, and for best results, place them at a ceiling corner, hidden from the view of someone entering your home.

Even if they do notice them, they will have a hard time smashing them because the camera will be out of reach.

Use a Shelf or Bookcase

If you have any kind of shelf cluttered with books, CDs or records, or DVDs, use it to disguise security cameras. A camera placed between books or DVD cases is unlikely to be seen by an intruder, or you might even craft a fake "book" or "CD" which really contains a camera.


By placing cameras and motion sensors in each entryway to your house, you not only cover the different ways an intruder might break in but also have the opportunity to disguise your security measures.

Electrician Putting Up A Motion Detector Light

Motion sensors can be placed near the base on the inside of each door that leads into the house so that if a door is opened unexpectedly, it'll trip the alarm right away. In addition, cameras placed at the base of the door won't be seen by an intruder looking in.

What Not to Do

When disguising your security system, it may be tempting to hide everything, including your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms. This is not a good idea. While they may not be the most aesthetically appealing devices, these alarms need to not be blocked or they won’t do their jobs properly.

Follow the standard guidelines and make sure that your smoke alarms are installed in every bedroom and major home area and that the carbon monoxide detectors are installed on every level and near each sleeping area.

There’s no reason that your security system needs to be out in the open for everyone to see. The effectiveness is increased when people aren’t aware that they are being watched, so try a few of these tips for disguising your cameras and motion sensors.

How To Hide Your Home Security System
(Last Updated On: December 7, 2017)
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