101 Good Doctor Who Gifts to Buy: Cool Items for Every Fan

101 Good Doctor Who Gifts To Buy Cool Items For Every Fan
Doctor Who TARDIS Dress

Looking for a snazzy gift for that special companion in your life? Wishing you had a TARDIS of your own to fit all your collectibles so you can make room for more? Wondering where to buy Dr. Who merchandise, and have no clue where to start?

Never fear: our Doctor Who Toys and Merchandise Guide is here to bring you 101 of the best Dr. Who products for sale online. Read on to discover the most awesome items and gadgets available at the best place to buy Doctor Who merchandise.


The first Doctor Who television episode aired in 1963: that’s over 50 years of episodes to catch up on! What are you waiting for?

Fire up that DVD player and get comfy for one wild ride through space-time, with our selection of video and music titles all about the good Doctor and his adventures.

1. Doctor Who: The Complete First Series

Doctor Who The Complete First Series

Looking for good gifts for Dr. Who fans? Why not get them the series that (re)started it all?

After a 15-year hiatus, BBC's venerable sci-fi series Doctor Who returns in this 2005 reboot. In this first series, Christopher Eccleston portrays a courageous but socially quirky and detached Doctor who's one part Spock and one part Lone Ranger.

Partnering with newfound companion Rose, the new Doctor faces off against enemies old and new, such as the Autons and a revamped Daleks.

2. Doctor Who - The 50th Anniversary Collection Soundtrack

Doctor Who The 50th Anniversary Collection Soundtrack

This audio CD collection brings together 50 years and 11 doctors worth of official music played during the Doctor's adventures through time and space, from first Doctor William Hartnell in 1963 to 2010's Matt Smith. This is one sci-fi musical saga you will want to own.

Includes liner notes from Dr. Who composer Mark Ayres on the rich musical background of the series.


Board games bring people together… and then crush them under the oppressive rule of the Dalek Empire!

Here are our top picks for the coolest, family-friendly board games starring the most memorable characters and antagonists of the Doctor Who universe.

3. TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Doctor Who Edition

TRIVIAL PURSUIT Doctor Who Edition

Who was the evil genius that created the Daleks? Which Doctor was the War Doctor? Think you know Dr. Who? Test your knowledge and the true measure of your inner Whovian with the Dr. Who Edition of Trivial Pursuit.

Covering all 50 years of the show's incredible lifespan, this board game comes with 600 questions at different levels of difficulty.

4. YAHTZEE: Doctor Who Dalek Collector's Edition

YAHTZEE Doctor Who Dalek Collector's Edition

Exterminate! Exterminate! There's no sci-fi villain more megalomaniac than the evil Daleks. Now you can pit your wits and mettle against one, in the official Dr. Who Edition of YAHTZEE.

Featuring a collectible bronze Dalek dice cup, and dice that features multi-colored icons of fan favorite Dr. Who emblems and logos.

An officially licensed Dr. Who merchandise, this game makes a great thematic addition to any game night.

5. Doctor Who Clue Board Game

Doctor Who Clue Board Game

Get ready for a fun evening filled with classic Clue Gameplay, but with a Dr. Who twist!

The good Doctor squares off against suspects Amy & Rory Pond, Strax, Clara, Jenny, River Song and Madame Vastra in an action-packed whodunit -- or shall we say, a Dr. Whodunit!

Also starring the Vortex Manipulator, Strax Gun, Cyberman Gun, and the Moment as the 'murder weapons.'

6. RISK: Doctor Who

RISK Doctor Who

All across planet Earth, the skies darken with the Dalek Invasion -- and you get to play as the Daleks!

You are in command of one of 5 different armies to supremacy over Earth and the universe, from Classic to New Dalek Paradigms. But beware: standing in the way are all the Doctors from the past 50 years! Those meddling Time Lords bring peace upon every turn, so it's up to you to push for a swift and aggressive conquest.

More than just a product reskin, this is RISK as it's meant to be played by Whovians.

7. Monopoly: Dr. Who Edition 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Monopoly Dr. Who Edition 50th Anniversary Collector’s Edition

Celebrate 50 years of Monopoly with all 50 years of Doctor Who! Finally, one of the longest running board games meets the longest running sci-fi series of all time.

Player tokens include a magnificently sculpted collectible scarf, bow tie, screwdriver, celery, recorder, and umbrella, to help track your adventures wheeling and dealing property from all across the universe as envisioned in the series.

If you're a bona fide Whovian or die hard Monopoly collector, you won't want to miss this double whammy of a 50th-anniversary bundle.

8. Doctor Who TARDIS Tumbling Tower Game

Doctor Who TARDIS Tumbling Tower Game

What's better than owning your very own TARDIS? Owning a whole bunch of them that you can stack into a Tumbling Tower board game, that's what.

This game includes 36 rectangular wooden blocks printed with the iconic TARDIS design on all 4 sides. Pieces can be stacked to build up to a tower measuring 10 inches.

Tumble your way through time and space with this classic tower game!

9. Doctor Who Chess Set

Doctor Who Chess Set

The quintessential head-to-head adversarial game meets Doctor Who in this mash-up of two of the most enduring pillars of nerdy fun.

The set's 32 chess pieces range from 2-3 inches tall, and project 3D officially licensed, lenticular images of your favorite Dr. Who characters. The 3D projection really is something to see, as it gives the old fashioned game a truly immersive, sci-fi feel.

10. Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

What better way to pass the time than by blowing it up, Doctor Who style? This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle assembles into a great big 20 x 27" print of Van Gogh's own exploding TARDIS painting when completed.

The swirling patterns and abundance of pieces make for an advanced and robust jigsaw experience that's one piece of Doctor Who merchandise that's actually fun for the whole family.


Who wouldn’t want their own War Doctor action figure, or to customize their own sonic screwdriver?!

11. LEGO Ideas Doctor Who 21304 Building Kit

LEGO Ideas Doctor Who 21304 Building Kit

One of the coolest ever Doctor Who gadgets for sale! Construct your very own stunningly detailed time traveling device as well as the interior, complete with console room measuring 5" high, 6" wide and 8" deep.

Based on the popular and long-running TV series about everyone's favorite nearly indestructible Time Lord, the titular Doctor Who, who pilots a time traveling vehicle cleverly disguised as a 1960's British police box. Each piece is wonderfully detailed and rich in small touches that will appeal to fans of all ages.

The set even includes a booklet about the LEGO fan designer and information about the BBC pop culture phenomenon.

12. Doctor Who - Personalize Your Own Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who Personalize Your Own Sonic Screwdriver

What true Whovian superfan wouldn't want their own sonic screwdriver? But why simply get your hands on the Doctor's sonic screwdriver, when you can customize your own?

This amazing DIY set lets you build your very own sonic screwdriver, with over 80 possible combinations! You can even pick and choose your own combination of colored lights and sound effects! Ideal for creative minds of ages 5 and up.

And even better: batteries come included.

13. Doctor Who Electronic QLA Anti-Time Device

Doctor Who Electronic QLA Anti Time Device

When in Gallifreyan space, do as the Gallifreyans do: send your enemies into the Vortex, with this spectacular electronic Anti-Time Device by Underground Toys!

Patterned after the dangerous creation of the Cleric army, the Anti-Time Device was built from salvaged Dalek and Cybermen technology and designed specifically to combat enemies by erasing them from time completely.

This device might not work quite the same way as the one in Doctor Who's universe, but it does feature impressive lights, sounds, and even voice clips from your favorite Dr. Who villains such as the Dalek, Cybermen, and even Weeping Angel!

14. Doctor Who Flight Control 12th Doctor TARDIS Vehicle

Doctor Who Flight Control 12th Doctor TARDIS Vehicle

The TARDIS chosen by the First Doctor and piloted throughout the series was actually an old and decommissioned model 'borrowed' by the Doctor when he left his home planet Gallifrey. Now, you can own your very own TARDIS action vehicle!

Modeled after the iconic time-traveling Gallifreyan space vessel, this flight vehicle features doors that actually open into an interior that depicts the real TARDIS console controls from the TV series.

Its lights and sound effects replicate the Doctor's TARDIS immaculately, and its interior can even accommodate Doctor Who action figures up to 5.5" tall.

15. Doctor Who Adipose Plush

Doctor Who Adipose Plush

A young Adipose is a hand-sized being resembling a sentient marshmallow, only with hands, feet, eyes and a mouth, and it was comprised almost entirely of fat. Cute? You bet. Creepy? A bit -- Just enough, in fact, to make it an alien from Doctor Who!

Based off the adorable alien beings seen in the episode Partner in Crime, this plush Adipose bears an officially licensed look and stands approximately 8.5" tall. Its exterior covering is made from polyester fibers, and its stuffing is squishy plastic pellets.

Makes a great Dr. Who gift for kids.


Collectibles! We can’t get enough of ‘em: that’s why they’re collectible.

For a show that’s been around for over 50 years, you should expect to find all sorts of limited edition stuff that not only looks great on your shelves, but can become smart investments in the long run.

Here are some of our favorites.

16. Doctor Who TARDIS 6" Funko POP!

Doctor Who TARDIS 6 Funko POP

Nobody makes official nerd merch like Funko POP!

This 6" TARDIS action figure is done up with authentic officially licensed Dr. Who aesthetic, rendered in the adorably 'chibi' Funko style. The TARDIS is faithfully rendered from its appearance in the TV series, embodying the distinctive look and feel of the show.

Interestingly, this action figure has no bottom, so you can fit it over other Funko Dr. Who action figures. It also means the TARDIS is technically larger on the inside!

17. Doctor Who: 5.5 inch 13 Doctor Action Figure Set

Doctor Who 5.5 Inch 13 Doctor Action Figure Set

Saving up for one of the most coveted Dr. Who collector's items ever?

An amazing collection of action figures once sold only during San Diego Comic Con 2016, the set includes thirteen 5.5" action figures in new or alternate costumes, of each and every Doctor from the very first.

It even includes the Twelfth Doctor and the War Doctor, along with the 6th Doctor who only appeared in the Big Finish audio adventures!

It's also encased in a TARDIS blister box with doors that open to display the figures through a clear window, with the inside flaps featuring short biographies of each Doctor, their actors, and highlights of their careers.

18. Doctor Who Funko POP Set

Doctor Who Funko POP Set

Get ready for super collectible fun, from Funko POP!

A bundle of 3 action figures done in the classic "chibi" Funko POP style, this set brings you the Tenth, Twelfth, and Eleventh Doctors, each with their own iconic accessories. Each figure is made from high-quality vinyl and is a must-have for any serious connoisseurs of sci-fi collectibles.


Who said geeky girls can’t appreciate a good sparkly? Add a little class to your geek chic with these eye catching Dr. Who themed gifts in jewelry form.

You’d be amazed at how her eyes will light up when you’re able to combine her favorite sci-fi series with a stunning fashion accessory.

19. Doctor Who TARDIS Jewelry Box

Doctor Who TARDIS Jewelry Box

Stash your valuables in the most best-camouflaged jewelry box around.

Thanks to 'cutting-edge' Rassilon 'technology,' the jewelry box is even bigger on the inside! With 7 drawers, 3 metal hooks and a ring hanger, this product has plenty of room to keep your most stylish accessories and Time Lord fob watches secure and accessible.

A great Dr. Who gift for her!

20. Doctor Who 22" Wibbly Wobbly Timey-Wimey Pendant Necklace

Doctor Who 22 Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Pendant Necklace

Declare your love for the series with this officially licensed wibbly wobbly pendant necklace.

Etched with the phrase that contains the explanation for (and, possibly more often, the cause of) most of all the problems that happen in the universe, this handsome and understated neckpiece serves as a reminder that sometimes, things just need to be hand-waved away.

21. Doctor Who Wibbly Wobbly Timey-Wimey Dangle Earrings

Doctor Who Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Dangle Earrings

Made from highly durable zinc alloy and equipped with stainless steel hooks, these novelty Doctor Who earrings bear twin squiggly, wibbly wobbly charms that depict one of the most beloved catchphrases of the series.

Perfect to wear to conventions, or just for a night out where you feel like flaunting your enviable collection of Dr. Who merchandise!

22. Doctor Who TARDIS 3D Metal/Enamel CUFFLINKS

Doctor Who TARDIS 3D Metal Enamel CUFFLINKS

When you're thinking about nerdy novelty accessories, you'd expect glasses, wristwatches, cell phone covers. These are cufflinks. Cufflinks!

Nothing says commitment to nerd culture quite like these TARDIS 3D metal/enamel cufflinks in silvertone and enamel.

Break out these TARDIS cufflinks, and you'll let everyone know how serious you are about both style and your favorite sci-fi universe. Makes an excellent choice when you're looking for Doctor Who gifts for him.

23. Doctor Who Weeping Angels Dangle Earrings

Doctor Who Weeping Angels Dangle Earrings

Some of the best nerdy accessories are ones that make people look twice, that they don't see coming. These Weeping Angel earrings accomplish all of the above.

Beautifully understated, these dangle earrings in silvertone make sure that onlookers will have to look real close to realize that these angels aren't the kinds you want topping your Christmas tree.

24. Doctor Who Gallifreyan Locket Necklace

Doctor Who Gallifreyan Locket Necklace

Commemorate the in-universe destruction (and subsequent revival in a pocket dimension, because Doctor Who) of the lost planet of the Time Lords with this lightweight zinc alloy necklace.

Magnetically snaps shut and opens to reveal a fun Doctor Who-related message.

25. Doctor Who Blue TARDIS Earrings

Doctor Who Blue TARDIS Earrings

The TARDIS, one of the most recognizable icons in modern day sci-fi, and the flagship vehicle of Doctor Who himself. Actually a ship capable of moving between time and space, the TARDIS resembles an old-timey English police box.

There’s a lot of Doctor Who merchandise out there, but there are only a few you can wear on your ears! Now's your chance to wear this timeless icon of nerd culture on your ears, with these stainless steel hook dangle earrings.



A touching and thoughtful Dr. Who gift for her, or him, or transdimensional entity, or just that pronoun-unspecific Doctor Who fan in your life, this set of 2 split BFF heart necklaces are fashioned to resemble two halves of a TARDIS, sealed with a heart in the middle.

Makes for a heartfelt reminder of your affection for when your adventures through space and time take you light years apart.

House Stuff

Okay, so maybe we can’t all live in the TARDIS, but that doesn’t mean we can’t deck out our living spaces to look like one.

Put your inner Whovian on display with these amazing Doctor Who themed household decorations and items.

27. Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock

Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock

What better way to tell time than with a time machine? At least, when it's working right.

Alright, so maybe the TARDIS has had a few noteworthy mishaps during the series' lifetime (but most of those were actually intentional, if you ask the TARDIS), and the Doctor never did get those chameleon circuits fixed or replaced, but, still.

This alarm clock will at least work a lot better: shaped like the trademark TARDIS, its light flashes and plays the distinctive VWORP VWORP sound effect from the show. It even projects time on the wall or the ceiling!

28. Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Fridge

Doctor Who TARDIS Mini Fridge

How about a mini fridge bearing the distinctive, officially licensed trademark blue police box design of the good Doctor's own TARDIS?

Powered by out of this world Rassilon technology that draws upon the power of the Time Vortex, or, you know, electricity, this fully functional mini fridge has a cool and warm function, has space for up to 6 cans, and even makes the distinctive TARDIS sounds and flashing.

Cooling temperatures go down to about 32-44 degrees, and heating capabilities top at 131-149 degrees to keep your snacks at just the right temperature for an evening of binge watching episodes.

29. Doctor Who Dalek Bottle Opener

Doctor Who Dalek Bottle Opener

Exterminate! Exterminate!

Exterminate overly stubborn beer bottle lids, that is, with this officially licensed Red Dalek bottle opener!

Complete with sound effects from the show that play whenever the Dalek successfully obliterates its target (opens a metal cap), this bottle opener makes a great gift for discerning Whovians who are also lovers of fine bottled brews.

30. Doctor Who 4 Pc. Ceramic Mini Glasses

Doctor Who 4 Pc

This 4 piece set of ceramic mini-glasses depicts an array of iconic Doctor Who characters seen during the 50 years and going run of the show.

Printed in bold, graphic novel colors, these images are sure to stand out in any collector's cabinet. Perfect for the Doctor Who fan who just cannot get enough collectibles in their kitchen.

31. Doctor Who Throw Pillow

Doctor Who Throw Pillow

Feel like you're falling asleep in another time, another place, or a whole other dimension with these officially licensed Doctor Who collectible throw pillows.

Each pillow is square shaped, measuring a luxurious 16" by 16", and made from soft, velveteen materials in signature TARDIS blue colors.

A great gift for any Doctor Who superfan, and a thoughtful addition to any couch during Doctor Who marathon nights!

32. Doctor Who Blanket

Doctor Who Blanket

The TARDIS is like an old friend to Doctor Who, an old friend that periodically malfunctions, sometimes of its own accord, sending him and his companions on unintended adventures and most certainly into the face of great dangers.

At least you won't have to worry about this throw pillow doing that!

It might look like an officially licensed depiction of the TARDIS, but it is just a throw pillow, and a comfy, jumbo sized 50" x 89" one by that! Made from soft fleece afghan that promises to keep you warm through all those unintended crash landings on frozen worlds.

33. Doctor Who Throw Blanket

Doctor Who Throw Blanket

Escape to another time, another planet, a whole other reality with this throw blanket made from 100% "Gallifrey Fleece!"

Well, actually it's 100% polyester blend, but it's still a soft and cozy fleece afghan. Features a gorgeous, whimsically awesome image of the TARDIS hurtling through time and space. Measures approximately 50" x 60".

34. Doctor Who TARDIS Plush Cushion

Doctor Who TARDIS Plush Cushion

Made from 100% polyester, this Doctor Who throw pillow features the distinctive TARDIS blue police box seen throughout the series, and its velveteen texture makes it look and feel great.

What's unique about this pillow is that it features a lantern that lights up and makes a sound effect when the keyhole is pressed!

Makes a great addition to any Dr. Who collection, especially for fans who've always wanted to curl up with the TARDIS.

35. Doctor Who Night Light

Doctor Who Night Light

Illuminate the endless void of space-time, or at least a corner of your bedroom, with this Doctor Who nightlight.

Officially licensed to resemble a 6.5" TARDIS, this nightlight comes in a distinct TARDIS blue matte finish and is included with a 7W bulb. It's sure to please Doctor Who fans of all ages keen on safeguarding their room from otherworldly invaders.

36. Doctor Who TARDIS Table Lamp

Doctor Who TARDIS Table Lamp

This collectible Doctor Who table lamp has a base shaped like the officially licensed depiction of the TARDIS police box, and comes equipped with a two-sided lamp shade that captures the TARDIS in motion through the Time Vortex.

Its lantern flashes when it lights up and plays the distinctive TARDIS sound effect. Its doors even open! Powered by three AAA batteries (not included).

37. Doctor Who TARDIS String Lights

Doctor Who TARDIS String Lights

Add a touch of whimsy to your lighting decor with these Doctor Who TARDIS string lights.

Officially licensed to resemble the TARDIS from the show, these night light comes in a pack of 10 lights hanging from a 9-foot string, with 4 replacement bulbs.

Powered by 100% clean burning, emission free and environmentally friendly timey-wimey energy, these lights can also plug into a more mundane wall outlet capable of supplying 120V AC, in case timey-wimeys aren't as available in your temporal coordinates.

38. Doctor Who-TARDIS Door Poster

Doctor Who TARDIS Door Poster

Feel and look like you're walking in and out of the sliding doors of the distinctive 1960's police box time machine with this magnificent 20 x 62 " door poster!

Officially licensed, this door poster faithfully reproduces the official TV show look of the TARDIS doors in a high-resolution print quality, and ships rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube.

39. "Time Is Wibbly Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Stuff" Wall Décor Sticker Vinyl Decal

Time Is Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff Wall Décor Sticker Vinyl Decal

Understanding time travel is a complex and quite possibly madness-inducing endeavor -- after all, it takes the wisdom of an immortal Time Lord to explain all that timey-wimey stuff.

For those species who lack the mental capacity to understand this very sophisticated cosmic principle, there's this poster decal. Standing approximately 42" tall and 22" wide, the decal is words printed in glossy blue, and applies easily to most nonporous, smooth surfaces.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, with the manufacturer promising of sticking for years!

40. Doctor Who Evolution of the TARDIS Framed Poster Print

Doctor Who Evolution Of The TARDIS Framed Poster Print

Did you know that there have been at least six different versions of the TARDIS throughout the Doctor Who series' 50-year run? This insightful poster print depicts each version of the iconic police box as it has appeared in the show, in high-end print quality.

Comes framed, in 12" by 24" dimensions, and is shipped with the corners protected. Also included are backing board and metal hangers, and its facing is shatter-proof styrene.

Not just a great looking collectible, but a truly stylish work of art.

41. Framed Doctor Who - Exploding TARDIS Poster

Framed Doctor Who Exploding TARDIS Poster

On one of the Doctor's adventures through time, he and his then-companion Amy Pond wind up befriending none other than tormented artist Vincent Van Gogh.

Van Gogh was so touched by his friendship with the Doctor and Amy, but also transformed; he began having visions, and in the final years of his life, he painted a disturbing vision he had of the TARDIS exploding, foretelling the events of a later episode.

Now, you can own this painting, dry mounted and professionally framed: a full-sized color poster that makes for a timeless must-have collectible for any Doctor Who fan.

42. Doctor Who Logos, Quotes, and Icons - Framed TV Show Poster

Doctor Who Logos Quotes And Icons Framed TV Show Poster

Every tried and true Whovian can recite their favorite quotes from memory. Now, you can have them up on your wall in the form of this eye-catching infographic detailing some of the Doctor's most memorable witty quips and deadly adversaries.

Sized 24" x 36", comes with a set of easy to attach poster hangers.

43. Doctor Who Dalek To Victory Poster

Doctor Who Dalek To Victory Poster

Every trans-dimensional galactic military campaign needs its wartime propaganda poster, why not the Daleks?

Motivate the troops with this awesome, vintage styled poster that perfectly captures the Dalek empire's conquest of all known space-time. Measures 24" x 36", makes a great collectible pictorial for framing or simply displaying in any living space.


Want some special gift ideas for those younger Doctor Who fans in the family?

Check out this great selection of fun, kid-friendly books inspired by the good Doctor.

44. Doctor Who Mad Libs

Doctor Who Mad Libs

Looking for fun Dr. Who games to enjoy with the whole family? The greatest science fiction series of all time meets the most entertaining word game of all time.

A brand new Mad Libs with all the words and in-universe jargon derived from the long-running TV series. That's a lot of timey-wimeys crammed into 21 original stories in 48 pages.

Written by the original inventors of Mad Libs, Roger Price and Leonard Stern.

45. Doctor Who Coloring Book

Doctor Who Coloring Book

Who says coloring books are just for kids? Coloring has been adopted by many adults as a relaxing, meditative exercise that also keeps the creative side of the brain engaged.

This Doctor Who coloring book features intricately detailed planets, galaxies, characters, and iconic scenery like the TARDIS and time vortex.


Christmas is a time for lavish meals, spending time with the family, and surviving deadly alien invasions.

Don’t get caught off guard when a Weeping Angel shows up at your table; make sure your halls are decked with these great Doctor Who Christmas items!

46. Doctor Who Mini Christmas Tree Set

Doctor Who Mini Christmas Tree Set

Ring in the festive season with this 15 inch, blue tinted Christmas tree.

An officially licensed piece of Dr. Who merchandise, this tree includes 36" silver tinsel garland and twelve 30mm diameter Doctor Who themed ball ornaments with decals, and six 30mm plain ball ornaments.

Beautifully detailed and perfect for Doctor Who fans and savvy collectors of seasonal, sci-fi themed novelties.

47. Doctor Who TARDIS Figural Glass Ornament

Doctor Who TARDIS Figural Glass Ornament

Add a touch of class to your shelf of Doctor Who memorabilia with this beautifully detailed 4.25" tall figural TARDIS, by Kurt Adler.

Great for decorating around the holidays or just adding to your collection. Depicts the classic appearance of the TARDIS, 'disguised' to look like a 1960 style London police box.

48. Doctor Who TARDIS Stocking

Doctor Who TARDIS Stocking

Well, in Whoville, they say--wait, not that Who. Hang up a touch of Doctor Who on your family mantle with this officially licensed Doctor Who stocking.

Made out of durable polyester, this stocking features the TARDIS and its iconic 'POLICE BOX' label in a fun, oversized stocking shape. Who knows, it might even be bigger on the inside!

Makes a great place to stash presents for Doctor Who fans.

49. Doctor Who 11th Doctor/Sonic Screwdriver Ornaments

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Ornaments

Spruce up your tree with this set of 2 Doctor Who Christmas tree ornaments.

Includes two blow molded ornaments featuring the 11th Doctor, and his trusty Sonic Screwdriver. Made from strong, durable plastic and painted. Built to last, and it's officially licensed, so you'll know you'll be getting the real thing.

Makes a great addition to any sci-fi lover's Christmas tree.

50. Doctor Who Blow Mold Assorted Ornaments - 3 Pack

Doctor Who Blow Mold Assorted Ornaments 3 Pack

Take your Christmas tree on a jolly good journey through space and time with this pack of 3 Doctor Who ornaments.

Each ornament measures 4.5", is made from high-grade blow molded plastic, and officially licensed to accurately portray the characters as you'd expect them to look like. Figures feature TARDIS, K-9, and a deadly Red Dalek.

If you're looking for cheap Doctor Who merchandise, you can't go wrong with a Christmas ornament.

51. Doctor Who Glass Gingerbread TARDIS Ornament

Doctor Who Glass Gingerbread TARDIS Ornament

Want an eye-catching piece of Doctor Who merchandise that declares your love for the series but doesn't make your Christmas tree look too un-Christmassy? Check out this officially licensed Doctor Who ornament.

Outwardly depicting a hand painted gingerbread pattern, look more closely, and you'll realize it's the iconic 1960s 'Public Call' Police Box TARDIS, complete with a gorgeous wreath!

Perfect for the holidays.


There’s nothing that brings Whovians together like a themed party, and nothing says theme party quite like themed snacks and service ware. Fish sticks with custard anyone?

Read on to find out our top selections for Doctor Who themed housewares.

Fair warning: you’re going to wish your kitchen cabinets lead to their own pocket dimension so you could store all this stuff.

52. Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook: 40 Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Recipes

Doctor Who The Official Cookbook

Who says British food can't be fun? Spice up your afternoon tea with the Official Doctor Who Cookbook authored by creative culinary expert and whimsical Whovian Joanna Farrow.

Featuring a cornucopia of deliciously creative, easy to throw together recipes to wild and wacky showstopping dinner table centerpieces, all with a fresh Whovian twist. Learn how to make the Doctor's favorite dish: fish fingers and custard, or send your taste buds hurtling out of this world with a Supreme Dalek Cake.

Ideal for themed Doctor Who viewing parties, or really any occasion that could use a bit more Doctor Who.

53. Doctor Who TARDIS Plate Set

Doctor Who TARDIS Plate Set

Looking for yet more Dr. Who paraphernalia? For when you just can't get enough TARDIS in your home decor, there's this cheeky, authentic TARDIS plate set.

A collection of 4 highly durable melamine plates, this plate set is both dishwasher and oven safe, but not suitable for the microwave. Break it out and wow your guests at Dr. Who themed parties and birthdays.

Just the right sizes for servings of fish fingers and custard, Jellie Babies, or Jammie Dodgers!

54. Dr. Who TARDIS v. Dalek Salt and Pepper Shaker

Dr. Who TARDIS V. Dalek Salt And Pepper Shaker

For most of the series' 50-year run, the Daleks have proven time and time to be persistent nemeses of the Doctor, hounding him across time and space. It seems that no matter where the TARDIS goes, the Daleks are soon to follow.

One might even say the TARDIS and Daleks go together like salt and pepper. Shakers, that is.

Now together at last, the BBC licensed likenesses of two of Doctor Who's most signature icons are rendered in salt and shaker form.

Spice up your dinner table with a bit of Doctor Who.

55. Doctor Who TARDIS Cutting Board

Doctor Who TARDIS Cutting Board

The perfect gift idea for culinary-minded fans of Doctor Who, this cutting board is printed with the show's signature TARDIS design.

Made from high-grade silicone, the board easily bends, and its non-slip silicone base grips reliably to virtually any work surface. Officially licensed, and built with a polypropylene surface that makes it easy to clean, this product makes a great addition to any Whovian's kitchen.

56. Dr. Who TARDIS Vortex Set

Dr. Who TARDIS Vortex Set

From the Fourth Doctor's love of Jelly Babies to the fifth Doctor's odd habit of wearing celery on his lapel, to the Eleventh Doctor's curious attachment to fish fingers and custard, food has always been a key aspect of the Doctor Who experience.

For the truly devoted Dr. Who fan, this TARDIS vortex serving set serves as two products in one: a chips and dip set, and sandwich set.

Made of high-quality ceramic, and beautifully designed and illustrated with TARDIS and Time Vortex imagery licensed by the BBC.

57. Doctor Who TARDIS Spatula

Doctor Who TARDIS Spatula

A real kitchen accessory for any devoted foodie Whovian, the Doctor Who TARDIS spatula is made from durable silicone with a comfort grip metal handle.

Measuring approximately 13 inches in length, and equipped with a flexible silicone shovel construction means nothing short of ease of use and cleaning.

It might not let you travel across space and time, but this is one TARDIS that could flip a mean over easy.

58. Doctor Who TARDIS Ceramic Teapot

Doctor Who TARDIS Ceramic Teapot

There are some who claim that Doctor Who is as ingrained in British culture as afternoon tea, so this TARDIS-shaped teapot should be a no brainer!

Made from high-quality ceramic, this teapot holds roughly 25 ounces or 750 mL of your favorite piping hot beverage.

Perfect for high noon tea times, and portable enough to be packed to go along on all your adventures through time and space.

59. Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter

Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver Pizza Cutter

The Doctor's own sonic screwdriver is a sort of universal multi tool, capable of virtually any conceivable feat -- and this probably includes cutting pizza slices.

Made from super lightweight plastic, this cool looking pizza cutter has been molded and shaped to convincingly resemble a sonic screwdriver from the show.

It even makes the iconic sonic screwdriver sound effect when it cuts!

60. Doctor Who Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Doctor Who Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Wondering which Dr. Who items to buy for the true Whovian who already has all the cool themed kitchen accessories? We bet they don't have this!

A snazzy high-grade silicone mold shapes your ice cubes into authentic 3D TARDIS and Dalek shapes. Best of all, it's great for making more than ice cubes: try it for making candy melts and chocolates for your next Doctor Who themed party.

Comes with 3 TARDIS molds and 3 Dalek molds in officially licensed designs.

61. Doctor Who 4 pc 16 oz Glass Set

Doctor Who 4 Pc 16 Oz Glass Set

Armed with only his wits, quirky charm and trusty sonic screwdriver, the enigmatic Time Lord known as Doctor Who has bested many opponents from across space and time.

Relive some of his most climactic confrontations with this set of 4 stunning drinking glasses from Vandor, each featuring an awesome comic book inspired design, with images printed on the front and back of each 16-ounce glass.

62. Dalek & TARDIS Creamer & Sugar Bowl

Dalek & TARDIS Creamer & Sugar Bowl

Make sure that every cup of coffee or (if you're a real Whovian) tea sends you on an adventure across time and space, with these authentic Dalek & TARDIS creamer and sugar bowl combo.

Starring the TARDIS as the sugar bowl and the Dalek as the creamer, this set is the perfect addition to any fan's sci-fi breakfast table.

Each piece is made from quality ceramic and even comes in a brilliantly decorated gift box.

63. Doctor Who TARDIS Cookie Jar

Doctor Who TARDIS Cookie Jar

The perfect gift idea for Dr. Who fans with a sweet tooth as irrepressible as the Doctor himself, this cookie jar is shaped to resemble the signature 1960s TARDIS Police Box.

But open it, and discover that this is more than just a novelty item: this TARDIS lights up and plays sound effects! Yes, this talking cookie jar is activated whenever you close the lid or push the lamp.

A great piece of officially licensed Doctor Who merchandise that makes a fun addition to the kitchen, for fans of all ages.

64. Doctor Who TARDIS Gelatin/Cake 2-Piece Mold Set

Doctor Who TARDIS Gelatin Cake 2 Piece Mold Set

Looking for that one signature dessert to top off your upcoming Doctor Who theme party, but just don't have the time for cake artistry? Never fear: this Doctor Who mold set is here to set time and space aright.

Excellent for making jellos or cupcakes, and ideal for parties in any region of time or space, this set of 2 cake or gelatin molds allows you make quick and easy desserts in the shape of the TARDIS.

Made out of 100% food and oven safe silicone.


Can’t stop daydreaming about the Doctor’s adventures? Wishing you were somewhere else, or sometime else, instead of being trapped behind your desk?

Bring a little Doctor to your desktop with these fun Doctor Who items for sale on Amazon, tailored specifically to help you beat those dreaded business hours blues.

65. Doctor Who Figural TARDIS Mug

Doctor Who Figural TARDIS Mug

Every morning, throughout time and space, the one question Doctor Who addicts grapple with is, "Why am I drinking coffee out of a mug, when I could be drinking coffee out of a TARDIS mug?" Why, indeed.

You could keep grappling with this metaphysical quandary, or you could start drinking your coffee out of a TARDIS mug. Features a unique rectangular shape and removable lid, the TARDIS mug is the ideal containment vessel for your warm beverage of choice.

Just don't expect its chameleon circuits to work quite right, and that's okay.

66. Doctor Who Dalek - Red Desktop Patrol Figure

Doctor Who Dalek Red Desktop Patrol Figure

Pesky Earthlings getting in the way of a productive day at work? Never fear: let the Daleks assuage your concerns about organic lifeforms getting in the way of your schemes at cosmic domination.

This Dalek themed desktop patrol figure features motion detectors and sound effects inspired by the hit Doctor Who TV series. Its motion sensors detect the ground around it, making sure it never falls off the edge, and at every turn, it loudly proclaims its intent to "Exterminate!" all intruders.

Perfect for all Dr. Who fans.

67. Doctor Who - Disappearing TARDIS Coffee Mug

Doctor Who Disappearing TARDIS Coffee Mug

The only thing better than a collectible TARDIS is a collectible TARDIS that actually vanishes as it whisks its occupants through time and space! Well, this TARDIS coffee mug won't exactly transport you through the Time Vortex, but it will vanish!

The TARDIS image on one side of the cup is heat-activated, and once hot liquid is added, will disappear, only to reappear on the far reaches of the galaxy, or on the other side of the mug, whichever comes first.

A great example of all the cool Dr. Who toys and merch that's out there.

68. Doctor Who 18 Oz. Tritan Water Bottle

Doctor Who 18 Oz

Ooooh. Shiny. Lug around your water in style, in this 18 ounce TARDIS water bottle made from durable, high-quality Eastman Tritan plastic.

Its insulated double wall design means your beverage is kept at the optimal temperature while you're traveling, and it's even condensation resistant to ensure that less water is wasted during long trips.

Its sports lid is spill-proof and comes with a changeable straw, and it's 100% BPA free. Makes a great Dr. Who gift for adults.

69. Doctor Who 18 Oz. Oval Ceramic Mug

Doctor Who 18 Oz. Oval Ceramic Mug

Add some character to your coffee mug collection with this brilliant oval mug.

Made from high-quality ceramic stoneware that's both dishwasher and microwave safe, this mug holds up to 18 ounces of your favorite beverage. Dr. Who fans will appreciate its distinct bold and bright TARDIS blue coloration, and that it sports the distinctive Doctor Who logo.

Also prominent is the official BBC mark of authenticity, letting everyone know that you've settled on nothing less than officially licensed Doctor Who merchandise.

70. Doctor Who 20 Oz. Heat Reactive Ceramic Travel Mug

Doctor Who 20 Oz

Looking for a travel mug that seems like it's bigger on the inside than it looks outside? This is the one travel mug that you won't want to miss.

Capable of transporting 20 ounces of your favorite beverage, this travel mug is emblazoned with the distinct color-changing image of the TARDIS and signature Doctor Who logo, along with an authentic BBC stamp that signifies its authenticity as an official product of the TV series.

Constructed out of high-quality ceramic stoneware, the mug comes equipped with a plastic sliding lid that prevents spills.


Wear your favorite sci-fi fandom by donning these stylish Doctor Who related clothing items.

71. Doctor Who TARDIS Royal Blue Lounge Pants

Doctor Who TARDIS Royal Blue Lounge Pants

Looking for the perfect thing to wear for an all night binge marathon of your favorite sci-fi series? These comfy lounge pants have got you covered!

Made from 100% quality cotton with elastic closure and waistband, and featuring the officially licensed blue TARDIS design from the series, these pants come in standard men's sizes.

72. Doctor Who Her Universe TARDIS Dress

Doctor Who Her Universe TARDIS Dress

This TARDIS dress is great for wearing to conventions, theme parties, and gatherings, or just for a night out on the town with your fellow Whovians.

Made in the USA from 95% good ol' wholesome cotton and 5% stretchy spandex to ensure a comfortable fit. No one else quite manages to combine geek culture with hip and stylish quite like Hot Topic.

One of the classiest Doctor Who dresses for sale, also a neat idea for Dr. Who valentines gifts for that special companion in your life.

73. Doctor Who: Adult TARDIS Pajamas

Doctor Who Adult TARDIS Pajamas

This Doctor Who adult sized pajama is perfect for traveling across space and time -- at least, in your dreams!

Made from 100% polyester and emblazoned with the series' signature TARDIS police box design, these pajamas come in a variety of adult sizes and is officially licensed by the BBC.

74. Doctor Who Call Box Hoodie Sweatshirt

Doctor Who Call Box Hoodie Sweatshirt

Sometimes a real Whovian just feels the need to cover themselves from head to toe in TARDIS patterns - but sometimes not. Declare your allegiance to the Doctor Who universe without compromising your fashion sense with this Doctor Who hoodie sweatshirt.

Bedecked with the signature TARDIS police box windows on a dark blue-gray background. When it comes to geek chic, hoodies never go out of style, and always make great presents for Doctor Who fans.

75. Doctor Who 11th Doctor Costume T-shirt

Doctor Who 11th Doctor Costume T Shirt

Looking for a great costume piece for your next Doctor Who themed get together, but just don't have the time to spin one out of whole cloth? Try on this costume T-shirt, patterned with the 11th Doctor's signature red bowtie and brown tweed blazer.

Make a statement without going through all the fuss and expense of cosplay. A very good idea when shopping for Dr. Who gifts for men, and also a thoughtful Dr. Who wedding gift for themed engagements.

76. Dr. Who Wibbly Wobbly Quote Adult T-shirt

Dr. Who Wibbly Wobbly Quote Adult T Shirt

Quite possibly one of the coolest Dr. Who T shirts around. Tired of explaining the way the universe works to people who don't watch Doctor Who? Save yourself the effort and brain cells by wearing the dynamics of time and space... on your T-shirt!

This officially licensed apparel features a snazzy infographic that explains how time is not, in fact, linear, and is made up of a lot more wibbly wobbly than contemporary scientists are aware of.

The decal is in handsome charcoal heathered gray and is sturdy enough not to come off after repeated washings.

77. Doctor Who Detailed Street Crossing Adult T-Shirt

Doctor Who Detailed Street Crossing Adult T Shirt

What does a Dalek, a Weeping Angel, the TARDIS, and Ripple Junction have in common? They come from the two biggest intellectual properties of British pop culture: Doctor Who, and the Beatles. And they're here together, at last, plastered on the front of the same T-shirt.

You won't find a more clever design in geek chic than signature monsters from the Doctor Who universe posed like the timeless Beatles photograph in this adult sized Tee in navy heather blue and white decals. 100% cotton and machine washable, perfect for the Whovian, Beetles, and/or UK pop culture fan.


Cosplayers and diehard convention-goers know, it’s not easy finding a good fez in this galaxy.

Not to worry: our list of Doctor Who themed accessories is here to help.

78. Doctor Who Dr. Blue TARDIS Backpack

Doctor Who Dr

Second to really comfortable shoes, a rugged, reliable backpack is possibly the next most important piece of gear to bring with you to a days long science fiction convention. Declare your bona fide Whovian status with this marvelous Blue TARDIS backpack.

Made from 100% polyester, this highly durable knapsack is made to take a lot of wear and tear on the convention circuit. Measuring 13 inches wide, 15 inches tall by 5.5 inches deep, with snap and drawstring closure and trendy TARDIS design, this pack is sure to be big enough to transport all your convention swag across space and time. And hey, it's a great back to school Dr. Who gift for boys and girls.

79. Doctor Who TARDIS Laplander Hat

Doctor Who TARDIS Laplander Hat

Think of it as a cold weather fez. Sort of.

Made of 100% acrylic/polyester, this officially licensed TARDIS Laplander Hat has a lot of cozy going for it, and probably even a lot more room inside than it looks outside!

The knit material promises a comfortable fit over the ears, and its distinct blue TARDIS windows and coloration ensures that it stays brilliantly camouflaged...if you happen to be trapped in 1960s London.

80. Doctor Who Scarf Season 16

Doctor Who Scarf Season 16

Looking for the perfect gift for that Dr. Who fan who just needs one last important piece to complete their cosplay or Halloween costume? Look no further than this iconic Doctor Who scarf, patterned so closely after the Doctor's scarf in seasons 16-17 that it may as well be a replica. And it is!

An official reproduction licensed by the BBC, this enormous -- we're talking 18 feet long, and that's not even counting the tassels! -- reproduction scarf is made from premium quality acrylic, and knitted with the same striped pattern as seen on the TV series.

81. Doctor Who TARDIS Hard Bottom Slipper Boots

Doctor Who TARDIS Hard Bottom Slipper Boots

There are times when you want a rugged, all-weather boot that will hold up to the toughest weather conditions and terrain nature has to throw at you. Other times, you just... kind of don't.

These blue slipper boots from Hot Topic not only comes in a wonderfully embroidered TARDIS design, but it's also comfortable enough to curl up in bed with, and its hard bottom sole means you can even wear them outside.

82. Doctor Who TARDIS Embossed Flap Wallet

Doctor Who TARDIS Embossed Flap Wallet

Every superfan knows you gotta look good when you bring out that wallet to pay for all the themed swag you're bringing to the party. So you'd best be packing an incredible wallet. Good news is, the TARDIS now comes in wallet sized, or at least, the ubiquitous TARDIS design is.

Featuring a flap closure, this large rectangular women's wallet measures 7.12" x 4" and is, like the TARDIS it's modeled after, genuinely quite bigger on the inside than it looks outside!

A zippered coin section divides its single pocket into two for convenient separating your bills from your coins.

83. Dr. Who TARDIS Mini Satchel

Dr. Who TARDIS Mini Satchel

Looking for a surprisingly fashionable handbag that will show off your good taste as well as your superfan devotion to all things Doctor Who? Look no further than this mini satchel, featuring officially licensed TARDIS windows and signature Police Box patterning.

Made from 90% PU leather and 10% polyester and measuring 6.5" x 9" x 5", this satchel was made for both comfort and durability. Comes with its own metal charm purse patterned with the British flag and an open declaration of how much you love the Doctor!

84. Doctor Who TARDIS Watch

Doctor Who TARDIS Watch

Ever wanted to time the revolutions of the cosmos, or how quickly the TARDIS makes one complete, nonlinear circuit around the Time Vortex? You will want to wear nothing less than this Doctor Who TARDIS watch.

Featuring Japanese quartz movement for precision timing, a 38mm diameter face that sports a gorgeous visual depiction of the Time Vortex, and great water resistance.

It even comes in a snazzy gift box, making this gift ideal for the intellectual Whovian who has anything... but enough time to re-watch all those Doctor Who episodes.

85. Doctor Who Women's TARDIS Slippers

Doctor Who Women's TARDIS Slippers

In all of time and space, quite possibly no other garment is more suited to curling up on the couch for an all-night Doctor Who marathon than plush slippers. These feature the officially licensed TARDIS blue police boxy design, is made from 100% polyester, and comes in a variety of both ladies' and men's sizes.

They might not be bigger on the inside, but they are absolutely the perfect thing to wear for a cozy night in front of the TV when it's playing all your favorite episodes of the timeless TV series.

86. Doctor Who TARDIS Neck Tie

Doctor Who TARDIS Neck Tie

Travel through time and space... in style!

With this TARDIS neck tie by elope, you're sure to make an impression. Styled after the signature time travel device of the series, this necktie is made out of 100% polyester and is safe for ages 14+.

Its generous length fits most teens through to adults, and its design is officially licensed, so expect nothing less than 100% accuracy to the appearance of the TARDIS in the TV series.

87. Doctor Who - TARDIS Burgundy Suspenders

Doctor Who TARDIS Burgundy Suspenders

The Eleventh Doctor's got a lot going for him. In addition to being a nigh immortal, regenerating alien with the ability to travel through space and time and alter the very fabric of reality, he's also a snazzy dresser with his own unique style.

Complete your Eleventh Doctor cosplay outfit or Halloween costume with these officially licensed burgundy suspenders festooned with the trademarked 'DW' logo.

Made from highly durable, stretchy material, these suspenders are sturdy enough to hold up to multiple wearings and washings.

88. Doctor Who Fez & Bow Tie Necklace

Doctor Who Fez & Bow Tie Necklace

Let's face it: no matter how much of a Whovian ubergeek you're packing in your TARDIS wallets, you probably can't get away with wearing a fez and bowtie to every occasion. Or can you?

Now, indeed you can, with this discreet Doctor Who fez and bow tie necklace. The pendant measures 34" x 1.14" and comes attached to a chain that's 18" long x 3", with extender. Made from 100% base metals.

89. 11th Doctor Fez and Bowtie Set

11th Doctor Fez And Bowtie Set

Get your Eleventh Doctor on in a big way, with this authentic, 100% officially licensed fez and bowtie costume accessory set, from elope!

Made from 100% polyester, and the fez is bright red velvet. The bow tie is even adjustable!

A must-have for those diehard Whovians determined to achieve nothing short of that signature Eleventh Doctor look.

90. Doctor Who Men's 11th Doctor Slippers

Doctor Who Men's 11th Doctor Slippers

You've heard of the saying wear your heart on your sleeve? If you're a true Whovian superfan, then your heart lies with Doctor Who, but why stop at wearing him on your sleeve?

These Doctor Who 11th Doctor slippers come in officially licensed textured exterior resembling the Eleventh Doctor's signature tweed jacket, along with a bright red bowtie on each slipper.

91. Doctor Who TARDIS/Sonic/Dalek Low Cut Socks

Doctor Who TARDIS Sonic Dalek Low Cut Socks

Get ready for a journey through space and time with this value added three-pack of Doctor Who themed socks!

Each sock is low cut, and each pair features designs starring the sonic screwdriver, the Daleks, and the TARDIS from the series.

Images are officially licensed, and the socks are made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex. Comes in 'one size fits most.'

92. Doctor Who Large Tin Tote

Doctor Who Large Tin Tote

Ever stepped out of your regeneration chamber ravenous for something your newfangled taste buds will tolerate? Don't just wolf down your lunch, enjoy an energizing meal of fish sticks and custard from these amazing, vintage designed Doctor Who large tin totes!

Made to last, with collapsible plastic handle and sturdy latch handle, these reusable totes feature signature, officially licensed Doctor Who images and are good for transporting more than fish sticks and custard: they're great for school supplies, stationery, music and gear, and laptop or computer accessories.

93. Doctor Who TARDIS Umbrella

Doctor Who TARDIS Umbrella

Harness the power of the TARDIS itself to help keep rain off your noggin! The Doctor Who TARDIS umbrella features a brilliant and elaborate design of the TARDIS traveling through a Time Vortex, and the inside shows off a view of the Twelfth Doctor's console (the TARDIS really is as they say, "bigger on the inside").

The entire umbrella measures a generous 39" in diameter, with plenty of room for you and your very own companion in your adventures through space and time. It even comes with a clockwork designed Doctor Who cover with straps, rendering this wearable as a backpack.


Serious Whovians know that when the very fabric of the universe is at stake, time doesn’t take bathroom breaks. So why should you?

Feel like you don’t have to put your adventures on hold by stepping into a Doctor Who themed bathroom!

94. Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain

Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain

This generously sized 66" x 72" shower curtain depicting the iconic time traveling TARDIS will make you feel like you're being transported through the galaxy and all points beyond, every time you step into the shower!

Made from 100% polyester, the fabric is waterproof and environmentally friendly. Machine washable, it's also easy to clean, and designed to fit standardized bathtubs with four different sizes to choose from. Fastens with C-shaped curtain hooks.

Perfect to give your bathroom a decidedly Whovian flair.

95. Doctor Who TARDIS 3 Piece Bath Towel Set

Doctor Who TARDIS 3 Piece Bath Towel Set

This 3 piece set of bath towels comes in officially licensed 'Police Box blue,' and comes embroidered with the official Police 'Public Call Box' sign as well as a front view of the TARDIS and trademark VWORP light.

Machine washable and tumble dryable, each bath towel measures 50" x 27", the hand towel 16" x 27", and the face towel 12" x 12". Makes a thoughtful and tasteful gift for the Whovian who has almost everything.

96. Doctor Who TARDIS Door Cotton Beach or Bath Towel

Doctor Who TARDIS Door Cotton Beach Or Bath Towel

The Doctor has been to a great many times and places, from alien infested hive worlds to the capital ships of deadly invasion fleets... but has he ever been to the beach? Bring the Doctor with you on your sunny seaside adventures with these TARDIS cotton beach or bath towels.

Made from 100% cotton and features a beautifully textured, officially licensed Police Box design.


For the companion who has everything, there’s bound to be something in the wide wibbly wobbly universe that will still catch the eye.

Here’s our list of amazing quality Doctor Who items that just won’t fit into any other category.

97. Doctor Who License Plate Frame

Doctor Who License Plate Frame

Looking for great Doctor Who themed gifts that make an impact? Add a touch of the Doctor's own rapier wit and whimsy to your vehicle.

Measuring 6.25" x 12.25", this vehicle license plate frame comes in TARDIS blue and the witty slogan that proudly declares "My other ride is the TARDIS"!

Makes the perfect gift for the Dr. Who fan who's always wanted a semi-sentient alien vehicle capable of bending time and space, but has to settle for a mundane form of transportation instead. The plate comes with two screw holes, allowing for easy installation.

98. Doctor Who Keep Calm I'm the Doctor Tasseled Bookmark

Doctor Who Keep Calm I'm The Doctor Tasseled Bookmark

Keep track of your page progress with this hip and fun Dr. Who themed bookmark.

Each bookmark is two sided, one in a signature TARDIS blue background with white text, and the other a white background with black text. Both sides bear the image of the TARDIS, along with quintessentially British word meme "Keep Calm, I'm the Doctor."

Why entrust your precious pages to a less reliable guardian than the Doctor himself? Comes with durable black fabric tassel for added visibility.

99. Life-Sized Cardboard TARDIS

Life Sized Cardboard TARDIS

Quite possibly the ultimate Dr. Who thing to buy: this is one massive selection of Dr. Who themed life-sized cardboard stand-ups, from longtime industry leaders in novelty wares Advanced Graphics.

Each standup weighs in at 2 lbs, and measures 46" wide by 72" high, with an upright standing depth of 12", and is made from the highest quality cardboard for durability and ink visibility.

Features a staggering array of Doctor Who characters, including several varieties of Daleks, Cybermen, the TARDIS, K-9, the Ninth through Twelfth Doctors and their respective companions, and even noteworthy side characters like Captain Jack Harkness and River Song.

100. Doctor Who Inspired Birthday Party Supplies

Doctor Who Inspired Birthday Party Supplies

With his quirky outfits, dapper charm and wacky adventures, Doctor Who appeals to all ages. For the littler Whovian in your family, this tableware kit makes the perfect decorative accents to any table setting.

The kit comes with 16 7" paper plates, 16 nine ounce paper cups, and 16 napkins bearing iconic Doctor Who imagery such as the TARDIS, sonic screwdriver, and signature red bowtie in a fun, kid-friendly art style and gradient blue color scheme.

Accommodates up to 16 guests.

101. Doctor Who TARDIS Whovian Sticker Decal

Doctor Who TARDIS Whovian Sticker Decal

For a novelty sticker that lasts, you'll want to pick up this awesome Whovian police box TARDIS sticker decal, perfect for sticking on notebooks, cars or laptops.

Made from high-quality vinyl that is both UV and water resistant, the decal was built to take a lot of punishment from day to day wear and both indoor and outdoor conditions without compromising its shape or adhesiveness.

The sticker is so rugged it has been guaranteed to last for up to 5 years without fading, peeling or cracking.


Proooooobably the longest running sci-fi series on TV, Doctor Who has made such an impact on its fans that many viewers actually identify it as a quintessential part of British culture.

Whether you’re shopping for accessories to glam up your cosplay outfit, preparing for a themed party, hunting for gifts, or if you simply can’t get enough Doctor Who, we hope we’ve shown you where to buy 101 of the best Dr. Who stuff online.

Just remember: keep calm, and allons-y!

Product images are sourced from their respective pages on Amazon.​

(Last Updated On: February 12, 2017)
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