10 Game of Thrones Gadgets for Your Office

Game of Thrones Office Gadgets

The office, be it at work or at home, is generally considered a room designed for function above all. The best offices, however, also serve as canvases for self-expression. Some cubicles, for example, are covered in more comic book paraphernalia than most children have in their toy boxes. Other offices are dominated by plants or inspirational posters.

If you're reading this article, chances are you're looking for more of a Maegor's Holdfast type of situation (or maybe a House Bolton kind of layout, in which case I do not want to know). If so, I've found a list of great Game of Thrones (GoT) gadgets that will help you turn your office into a Westerosi outpost in short order.

10 Game of Thrones Gadgets for Your Office

1. George R. R. Martin's A Game of Thrones Leather-Cloth Boxed Set

A Game of Thrones

Let's face it: Nothing screams "class" like a bookshelf filled with large, leather-bound tomes (regardless of whether they're read). If you're looking for great-looking books you'll actually want to read, look no further than this luxurious, high-quality boxed set.

This set includes leather- and cloth-bound versions of the first five books in George R. R. Martin's epic opus in an embossed display case. Each book is paperback-sized, which makes for easy reading. When stored, they show that you mean (fantasy) business and that you're more than ready for any Game of Thrones trivia that might come your way!

2. Game Of Thrones- Night's Watch Banner Fabric Poster

Night's Watch Banner Fabric Poster

Words to live by: let your geek flag fly. In the abstract, the phrase means that one should embrace one's uniqueness. Why not do that literally?

Measuring 30" x 50", the Night's Watch banner lets you swear fealty to the Night's Watch without having to "take the black" (because, hey, it's cold up north). Made of wrinkle-resistant polyester, and with three aluminum grommets for hanging, this banner is perfect for doors, windows, and/or as a backdrop for "thrones" (i.e., office chairs) of all sizes.

Just, y'know...leave your sword at home. Bringing it to work will result in a trip to H.R. and a lot of paperwork.

3. Game of Thrones: Iron Throne 7" Replica

Iron Throne 7 Replica

As any fan of the series knows, claiming the Iron Throne comes at significant cost, and keeping it can lead to madness. In practical terms, though, there is a far more evident and pressing concern: it'll cut you if you sit on it!

If you'd like all of the symbolism of owning the Iron Throne, with none of the lacerations, this is the gadget for you! Cast from sturdy resin, this miniature Iron Throne has all the detail with none of the sociopolitical baggage. It's perfect as a paperweight, decoration, or seat for that Cersei action figure sitting near your computer.

4. Game of Thrones Ice Letter Opener

Game of Thrones Ice Letter Opener

I think it's safe to say that no one likes bills. Alright, maybe Lannisters and Braavosi do. I can't think of any real people who like bills. Just imagine the letdown of getting a mailbox full of bills. Got it? Alright, now imagine the satisfaction of ripping into those bills with a miniature Valyrian broadsword. Awesome, right!?

Made from die cast metal and stainless steel, this 9" gadget will make short work of bills, junk mail, and the occasional (miniature) Night's Watch deserter. Just make sure that you do the dirty work yourself.

Ned Stark would be proud.

5. Twisted Envy “I Drink And I Know Things” Ceramic Mug

Twisted Envy I Drink And I Know Things Ceramic Mug

Even entry-level GoT geeks know that Tyrion Lannister is one of the most intriguing characters in the series. He can lead, manipulate, and wields a mean crossbow. His chief talents, though, are conveniently spelled out on this ceramic mug!

Emblazoned with one of Tyrion's more memorable quotes, this 10oz mug is perfect as a gift or a personal drinking vessel. Use this microwave/dishwasher safe mug for coffee, tea, or the finest Dornish red (not included...or available).

Kick back, take a swig, fire off some quips – just stay away from battles and you should be good.

6. Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones: Dragon Egg Bookends

Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Bookends

While they won't eventually hatch, grow into dragons, and help you amass thousands of Unsullied, these bookends look awesome on a shelf or desk.

Measuring 7" tall on ornate bases, each egg is a detailed replica of its HBO series counterpart. Perfect as bookends (for GoT, Harry Potter, the "For Dummies" books, etc.) or as statues! And all without having to deal with that weird Illyrio guy!

At a price under $120, you can get a great collectible/conversation piece without breaking the bank. Though, again, they won't actually hatch. Keep them away from fire!

7. Medieval Weapon Push Pins

Medieval Weapon Push Pins

Alright, question: why settle for pinning documents to a bulletin board when you can run them through like a member of the Kingsguard? Answer: you shouldn't. You deserve better!

This 10-piece set of push pins includes two copies of five different styles: Sabre, One-Handed Sword, Broadsword, Katana, and Axe.

Want to send a message to that guy who keeps stealing your lunch from the fridge? Need to remind people not to touch your files? Do you just want to decorate your cube? These pins will give every memo/calendar/passive-aggressive missive an added edge.

8. Game of Thrones Vinyl Record Design Wall Clock

Wall Clock

The coolest part of this GoT gadget is the fact that it is customizable. Made from a vintage 12" vinyl record, and featuring 11 distinct house sigils, this silent-running clock offers great style and kitsch appeal in one package.

Configure the sigils in any way you'd like, using as many or as few as you wish, and you'll have a true one-of-a-kind collectible. At a little more than a half-pound in weight, it can be safely mounted on a wall or partition.

Plus, when asked for the time, you can say something like "Baratheon o'clock." You can't put a price on that.

9. Dark Horse Deluxe Game of Thrones: Daenerys and Drogon Statue

Daenerys and Drogon Statue

From Dark Horse Deluxe comes this hyper-detailed statue of loving mama, Daenerys, and her lovable (and lethal) dragon, Drogon.

Based on the original, larger figure, this scaled-down version is the perfect size for a desk, table, or cabinet. Plus...just LOOK at it! Capturing a scene straight from the HBO series, you'll practically feel the heat of Drogon's breath on your face.

It makes for an impressive holiday gift, and/or fun splurge. Give it a look if you're an avid collector in search of an intricate conversation piece.

10. Game of Thrones: Hand of the King Wax Seal Kit

Hand of the King Wax Seal Kit

Are your invoices lacking a certain prestige? Do you want to lend a certain gravitas to interoffice mail? Look no further than the Hand of the King wax seal kit.

Melt the wax, let it drip onto the envelope, and give your literal stamp of approval to the outgoing mail! And, hey, what better way to ensure secure delivery of sensitive information than an unbroken wax seal?

Feel free to practice on the included blank scrolls/mini envelopes, or just send miniature messages to your office pals (or family).

Final Thoughts

If you want to add a little Westerosi pizzazz to your workspaces, there's a GoT-themed gadget, bauble, and/or piece of art for everyone. After all, why work in a mere office when you can labor within a well-stocked, tastefully-appoint keep of your very own?

If you still want to upgrade your office, but you don't want your love of Game of Thrones to be publicized, worry not! We've got a list of the best cool office gadgets for you right here!​

(Last Updated On: October 19, 2016)
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